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If you’ve decided to join an MLM company and you’ve already “plugged into a system”, stop and think about how much you are hearing about the actual company you sell products for.

Were you told not to worry about the kit you received from the company?

Are you being chastised for worrying about “details” of the company.

Are you being told, “just listen to us and how WE do it, and you won’t have to worry about the company manual.”

Are you spending a lot of time at your “System’s” website instead of the actual company website?

And this is kind of a weird question, but it comes from speaking with actual MLM distributors; Do you know that you are ACTUALLY a distributor with a MLM Company? Not some system?

Strange, huh? But I have heard some Quixtar distributors adamantly exclaim they are with some company like ABC Limited, and have some small supplier called Quixtar that sells products through ABC.

In my opinion, your MLM company’s corporate communications is your first priority in running your MLM business.

Read THEIR Manual FIRST!

Navigate THEIR website FIRST!

Study THEIR literature FIRST!

Listen to THEIR tapes FIRST!

Let’s think about this. The MLM company is who pays you and who supplies you, and most likely they are the one’s with the distilled knowledge from the “field” that is going to be your basis for increasing your own knowledge.

I’d much rather learn the basics from the founder of a company. Who better has the knowledge of what the company is all about.

Remember a while back, when I said I discovered some old tapes by Rich DeVos. He was teaching on the tape his knowledge of how he built his OWN distributorship. Sure things have changed since the 70s, but who better to teach me?

And I have to say, Quixtar has given up some of those principles in it’s current management. It leaves a lot of the actual teaching of MLM principles to their IBO field. And surely Quixtar and Alticor must have countless hours of recordings and writings of the founders and the founding distributors. I say take them out of the mothballs and put them out there as training for the new IBO.

Heck, pull out one of those old distributor manuals from the beginning, republish it, embrace the Founder’s teachings as well as their overall Vision.

Anyway, that’s a side issue.

My point today is that if we are to change the current “systems”, then we need to start with learning about our MLM company we represent as a first priority.

Getting started with a system, makes little sense if we are unaware about the actual company we represent, and we should not discount company knowledge, after all, the company had sense enough to start, manufacture, promote, and finance products and services for the MLMer to sell, surely they know a little bit when it comes to running a business.

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