“SYSTEMS” / An Introduction

Today begins a new series at On The Road with Dave. For the next few days I’m going to talk to you about “systems” and how they relate to Multi-level Marketing and Quixtar.

If you’ve been around the world of MLM for any length of time, you’ve heard the term, “system”.

A system can be defined as an organized or established procedure.

Quixtar and Amway are often criticized because their distributors make use of “motivational support systems”. These “support systems” are supposed to be a network of people that provide practical, motivational and emotional support to the new distributor through training and motivational tapes, CDs, books, and seminars and rallies.

Step-by-step guidelines are also published. The new distributor merely follows the scripts, and cookbook-type steps to get started selling and sponsoring new people in their new venture.

These support systems are not unique to Quixtar, and can be found in other MLMs though not as prevalent or as organized.

There are also many third-party books and “nationally-known” speakers that hawk their own training and motivational programs to individual MLMers in other companies, not just Quixtar.

I’ve developed something of a reputation for being “anti-system”, because I don’t make use of the motivational tapes and books and rallies promoted by my distant upline in Quixtar.

These tapes and books and rallies are but just one aspect of following a system. I’m not against a new person using an organized system or set of guidelines in carrying out their MLM business. Nor am I against motivating yourself and a positive mental attitude.

In fact, I think it is unwise to sign up a person in an MLM and just turn him loose with a box of products, and say “good luck.”

The main problem with most systems is they rely on static, rote guidelines to follow, their methods of motivation are temporary, or they become a means to an end of selling mostly worthless hype to a captive audience.

Yes, some procedures and guidelines can be standard-issue and effective. Such as basic principles of selling can be learned easily. The steps of creating interest, conviction, desire, demonstration, and closing can all be learned. After that, you just practice those steps consistently and develop your “selling style”. Sales techniques to sell products as well as presenting the opportunity to a “prospect” are similar in most aspects.

Also you can teach very easily, some basic steps to getting started. Company rules, ordering procedures, basic record-keeping.

Other specific activities as they relate to marketing are varied. A system can teach the proper use of email lists, direct mail lists; how to make cold calls; how to conduct home parties; marketing through a website, commercial blogging, internet forums, message boards, conference calls, and yes, even “hotel meetings” as they relate to MLM.

So many of these things could be incorporated into a system to help the new MLMer, including providing some motivational support

Over the next several days I”ll be tackling the issue of “The systems”. I’ll be giving you my opinions of the history of the Quixtar Motivational Organization systems, as well as my thoughts on what a proper system should be and how it should be carried out. Stay tuned.

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