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Jill and Simon are Independent Business Owners powered by Quixtar. Jill is a stay-at-home Mom. Simon works in personnel at a chemical company. Jill is active at the iVillage community and often gives grant-writing advice; her previous profession. Simon has caught the blogging bug and writes constantly about his hobby, golf. He reviews courses, players, and follows the tournaments.

Jill and Simon were sponsored in Quixtar after meeting Steve and Lori at a neighborhood community yard sale several months back. Steve is a manager at a local nightclub. Lori is a returning adult student at a technical college, she is training to be a masseuse.

Jill met Shelly online at iVillage. Shelly lives over a thousand miles from Jill and Simon, but Jill and Shelly talk daily through Instant Messaging. Shelly is a medical biller. Her husband, Warren, is a firefighter. Jill told Shelly about Quixtar during one of their conversations. Shelly visited the website and emailed Jill with some questions. After a few weeks, Shelly decided to join, but her husband Warren decided that he spent too much time at the firehouse, and wanted his day’s off to be day’s off.

Shelly gets up an hour earlier than she used to these days. She spends the hour checking her email, and then logging on to several Internet communities to speak with friends online. Today she sees a message to her, asking about her business. She had been involved in a discussion at the community about Network marketing and had answered a question regarding compensation plans. She has become quite the expert on simplifying company plans. (All that experience in defining legal jargon and dealing with Medicare, she suspects, she just has a knack for it.)

She responds to the message at the community and offers to send a private email to answer specific questions.

She then heads off to work.

Zack is a college student and weekend golfer. He works as a carpet installer for a carpet supply house. He discovered Simon’s blog on golfing and left a comment at the blog about a golf course in his home town, and the way they deal with “green’s fees.”

Simon sees the comment and strikes up an email conversation with Zack. Simon finds out that Zack’s ambition is to be a chemical engineer. They have a lot in common.

It’s noon and Lori comes home from class and logs on to her Quixtar organization’s free web community. She had left a message earlier congratulating Terrell, another IBO in the group, but not sponsored by Steve and Lori; about his recent successful sale to a restaurant in his town. It seems he had asked Steve for advice, given Steve’s experience in restaurant and bar management. Steve’s advice had proved helpful.

Terrell responded to Lori thanking her and Steve once again, and had summarized his sales call and analyzed the results for the group. Lori noticed that 21 other IBOs had viewed the discussion. Terrell also left advice on the proper use of samples with prospects. He had some further success with a next door neighbor.

Later in the evening, all these IBOs were invited to a private chat, conducted by Platinum IBO Yvonne. Yvonne fielded questions from the group and got to know Zack a little bit. Seems Simon was talking to Zack in IM when the “Invite to Chat” was sent. So he invited Zack to join on the spur of the moment. “Hey, I have to go to my online Quixtar meeting, wanna follow me in?”

During the meeting, Yvonne relays some company news and directs everyone to the Quixtar site to bookmark a mp3 she had just heard. She also gives links to Shelly who has an offline IBO with no computer. Shelly will print out these articles and give them to the IBO in question. Yvonne also suggests that a copy of the chat log should accompany the articles.

Warren has come home by now and Shelly bids all farewell for the weekend. 3 days off for Warren, and Shelly doesn’t do “business” when Warren is home.

The chat ends with Yvonne recommending a book on Debt Management and Steve recommending a website on Internet Marketing.

Terrell leaves the chat, and logs on to the Quixtar site, to check on his downline sales for the month, and then goes to Blogger.com. Steve has convinced him that he might be good at doing a blog on Sales Techniques.

“Hmmm, he thinks, “What would be a good name for the blog? Terrell Sells? Sales Training Simple? Sales Made Simply? That’s it! A new blogger enters the community.

He writes his introduction post and heads off to watch some television.

UPDATE: November 2015; iVillage is no longer active, but other Social Media/Networking sites have risen up since 2005. Try sites like Pinterest; or Facebook Groups.

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