Quixtar Corporate Blogs Get Deleted

This morning I went to Quixtar and Beyond, a Quixtar employee blog, written by guy under the name of Figure 8 (I do know his real name).

Figure 8 announced that there would be three people acting as vice-presidents of different operations overseas as well as Quixtar in the USA. These three are to report directly to the Office of the Chief Executives( The DeVos and VanAndel boys) The announcement came as a result of yesterday, being current Quixtar president Ken McDonald’s last day at Quixtar due to retirement.

The Quixtar corporate blog Quixtar Opportunity also mentioned the announcement as well as Quixtatic providing a link to Quixtar Opportunity.

I remember one guy’s name Jim Payne( I believe). I can’t tell you the other two people’s name, BECAUSE none of the posts exist anymore.

They have been deleted. Maybe some clever computer whiz can track down the screenshot of the blogs in question, or maybe Google has a cache of the page.

I’m not concerned that the stories were false, or that new vice presidents were named, but I suspect the announcement was to be held off for some “Official” press release. That’s all fine and good, BUT once you print the story, it’d be a lot better for the blogger-in-question’s credibility, if you’d just let it stand and not delete it.

I can asume, and everyone else too, that the bloggers’ probably did not remove the stories without some corporate input. And yeah, Quixtar is still playing with this idea of open employee blogging, but it ain’t like they gave away trade secrets to the LOC All Purpose Cleaner’s unique formula.

Deleting posts may delay the information for some readers, but like I said, “I already saw it” and I had no problem with 3 Vice-Presidents answering directly to the Family head honchos…sounded like a good idea to me.

Maybe Quixtar will allow the info to be put back up.

Anyway, Jim Payne, that’s one of the guys now in co-charge of Quixtar, if you didn’t read it here first, at least you can read it here now.


Thanks to a reader’s quick response, here’s part of the info deleted from Quixtar and Beyond (in order to not cause any problem for the blogger I’ll only print the actual information, not the circumstances or commentary he derived it from)

In response to Ken McDonald’s retirement, we are pleased to inform you that we are realigning the responsibilities of Jim Payne, Eva Cheng and David Ussery in the management of our global direct-selling business.

Jim Payne has been named Executive Vice President, responsible for North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Latin America. Global Rules and Conduct will also continue to report to Jim.

Eva Cheng has been named Executive Vice President, responsible for Greater China and Southeast Asia, including the markets of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

David Ussery serves as Vice President and Managing Director, responsible for Japan, and also adds responsibility for Korea.

Jim, Eva and David will report to the OCE
OCE = Office of the Chief Executive aka Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos)

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