If You Think You Could Do Better

Okay, you spent 50 bucks to join an MLM and now you’ve been selling some products and sponsoring a few people for a couple of months. And you suddenly realized, “Why didn’t I just start MY OWN MLM, that’s where the real money is?”


You have a fantastic product you’ve been selling on an eBay storefront for the past year and you suddenly realize, “Why don’t I start MY OWN MLM and sell my product through thousands of “storefronts” in every city in the USA?”


You’ve been buying late night TV ads and committing to monthly direct mail campaigns, spending thousands of dollars to market your product successfully and you suddenly realize, “Why don’t I start MY OWN MLM and cut out all this advertising and get people to pay me to sell the product for a chance to make money selling more of my product?”


You hate MLM, you were in and you saw all the problems with your company, and you decided there must be another way, a better way, and you suddenly realize, “Why don’t I start MY OWN MLM and change the way MLM is done from the top down, I could do so much better?”


You love MLM, and have 3 million dollars lying around and you suddenly realize, “Hey why don’t I start MY OWN MLM. This money is burning a hole in my pocket and I need to get rid of it now!”

Okay, so you think you could do better with your own MLM? Then call or write Cloward and Associates in Scofield, Utah. It seems these guys would be your next step in owning your own MLM.

Good luck and send me a link to your company when it’s developed, and I’ll write an entire post dedicated to your new MLM.

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2 Responses to If You Think You Could Do Better

  1. Anonymous says:


    You make a great point. Alot of the anti-Q people like to tout that the only people who make it are the people at the “top”.

    OK, so you’ve answered your own question then, why not start your own MLM where you don’t have to make any sales, you don’t have to sell over priced products, you don’t have to get into the “tools” business and you can just sit on your behind waiting for the fat checks to come rolling in?

    We all know thats not going to happen. The first thing that needs to happen is a belief in the product in order to make ANY company work, not just an MLM company. The second thing that needs to work is the belief in yourself to have the confidence and skills to make it work. The third thing that needs to happen is to have focus and clarity and to have a vision for the company.

    Then, after you got all that put together, you have to have a dedicated work ethic and a laser like focus. Oh, one more thing, you need to have deep pockets to make your own MLM company work.

    After all that, you think it’s still easy to start your own mlm so that you can be at the top of the pyramid? I think not.

    Besides, you’ll have to watch out for the negative anti-sites that will pop up against your company. Who wants that kind of “exposure”?

    Then there’s the Dateline expose…Hehehe

    Just having fun with ya. Kicking back and having a few beers today.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oops I almost for got, it was Me Mikey who published that last post

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