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Back during the month of March, I did several guest posts at Quixtar Blog as part of the March of Perceptions, a feature of guest articles from IBOs and ex-IBOs of Quixtar.

Today, I want to reprint my last article that was included in the series. Just in case I have readers that don’t frequent QuixtarBlog.

The original and all the articles included in this fine series are available there in the archives section.


“And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people will get to the Promised Land”

Those are eloquent words. I would not attempt, nor imply, nor infer, that I am in any way as eloquent as the Reverend King. Nor do I want to minimize his message of justice and civil rights for all Americans, but rather I would like to use his words as inspiration for my final entry as a March of Perceptions guest blogger.

If I had the chance, to go back in the history of Quixtar as a corporation, I would not have to travel too far back in time; a mere 6 years; so I would rather decide to travel back into the history of Amway Corporation. Back even before Amway, I would travel into the history of the Ja-Ri Corporation. I’d be there as Rich DeVos struck a deal with Jay Van Andel. The historical one where Rich offered Jay gas money, in exchange for a ride. I would watch as their friendship grew, but I wouldn’t stop there. I’d be there when they opened their aviation school, their drive-in restaraunt; I’d be there when their boat sank off the coast of Cuba.

I’d be there when they began their Nutrilite partnership, and I’d be there when they decided Amway would be the answer for their group of distributors.

But I wouldn’t stop there — I’d be there as Amway grew. Right up into the 1970s, when Amway offered training for their distributors. Complete programs to sponsor, to sell products, to grow as businessmen.

But I would not stop there; no I would endure the 60 Minutes interview of the 1980s. I would endure the “Fake it Till You Make It” book expose’. And I would endure my experience in Amway, as a distributor in the 80s as Amway, the training company and products company, gave way to the Amway, that was just a products company and effectively gave all training control to it’s distributors. I would witness the birth of these Amway Motivational Organizations.

And I’d be there when Rich and Jay stepped down and their kids took over. I’d be there when Quixtar started.

I would witness the existing IBOs take an idea that was born to provide more independence to the newest IBO, and transfer it back to the motivational systems of Amway.

And after scanning over all the history of corporation, I would ask to remain in this time today.

That’s a strange statement I know. Why would I struggle against the mounting information on the Internet about this company? The confusion of motivational organizations clouding information. The deceptions, and even more, the revelations of dishonest practices.

But I am happy to be involved at this time, because I am now forced, as every ethical IBO should be forced, to grapple with these problems. To solve the problems of a company trapped by the bottom line. But, it is becoming a problem not of just a “negative presence” on the Internet. The problem has the potential of making the company fade into non-existence on the Internet and in the world.

What does this mean to new IBOs? It means they must research, study and face the realities of the business they have chosen. They must embrace “cross-lining” of information and work together in unity. They must revert back to those days of Rich and Jay. They must provide an opportunity to anyone with the desire to have a business of their own, by duplicating, not a motivational system, but a marketing plan available to anyone that has the ability to comprehend the materials in a small sales and marketing kit.

If it takes the act of blogging. Then we must blog. If it takes the action of setting up like-minded communities on the web, then we shall inform. We must stress the advantages of product sales, of sound business, and open honest discussion and training, not motivation and hero worship.

Somewhere, I read the words, Independent; somewhere I read the words, Business; and somewhere I read the words, Ownership. It’s time that we as IBOs become true to those words.

It’s alright to talk about the negative comments on the “bathroom walls”, but we can not ask the Corporation to clean these walls, we must in fact decide to change, to not be the inspiration for these negative comments. We must not point to the “losers” who quit, but rather we must look at our practices and ourselves lest we become even a worst “loser’. Not a loser who “steals dreams” but a loser who corrupts the original dream of those founders that wanted to provide an opportunity to those desiring to better their lives through simple business ownership.

We don’t have to argue with anyone, we don’t have to curse anyone. We don’t have to answer charges by “critics” of our business, if we are actually running OUR business of being a Quixtar Independent Business Owner. We should not be a pawn of some motivational system that defies corporate policy, or minimizes the infrastructure and principles that the founders originally wanted all IBOs to be a part of.

And if we build organizations of IBOs on these principles, then matters of arbitration, scandal, terminations, Google Bombing and “quitters” will fade into the past. Because the future will be bright for each IBO and the corporation will thrive on the Internet.

The question is not; What will happen to me as an IBO, if I decide to act independently? The question is what will happen to Quixtar Corporation, our business; if we continue to provide the impetus for lawsuits, complaints, and negative websites?

And how will we survive as business owners? That’s the question.

Well, I don’t know what will happen. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter to me now. Because I have been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like any IBO, I want to be a Diamond; I want to be a Crown Ambassador. But I am not concerned about that now. I just want to run a business within the Rules. And the way it was run by the Founders has allowed me to look back in history, as if I was on a mountain. I have seen how it was once accomplished. I have seen the promised land. I may not get there, with you. But I want you to know that any IBO CAN get there. I’m not worried. I can not fear the future, only change the present. My eyes have seen the “name changes”, but my spirit sees real changes.


The “March of Perceptions” is a special Quixtar BLOG project featuring the perceptions of four guest bloggers during the month of March.

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