Earth Day 2005

I wanted to do the typical cool blog thing today and upload a neat photo of the Earth from one of the Apollo space missions and say something clever like,

“One system we can’t afford to screw up”

Well that didn’t happen, I tried to capture a couple of photos, but had some trouble with Hello. So anyway, Happy 35th Earth Day!

Of course, this isn’t considered by some to be the proper Earth Day. That was last month during the Spring Equinox.

But today is the Earth Day that gets all the publicity.

I’m sure you have noticed a couple of environmental friendly websites in my “Links I Like” sidebar.

But here’s a few more in case today has you feeling “green”.

A Good Book…I own it, have had it for years

Jeffrey Hollender’s “How to Make the World a Better Place: A Guide to Doing Good.


Jeffrey is CEO of Seventh Generation.

His new Book is about Green Companies and more and is entitled, What Matters Most.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the Guide to Doing Good’s prologue,



“The shape of the future is in our hands. It is our responsibility, for it can be no one else’s. The world won’t be destroyed tomorrow, but it can be made better today. Step by step, one by one, find the actions that suit you best, try them out, tell your friends, and things will change. They always have in the past, and no matter what anyone says, you and I do have the power to begin to make the world a better place.”

That almost parallels what I have been saying during the SYSTEMS series, too.


UPDATE: April, 2016; All Earth Day entries now include a Custom Header Banner to commemorate the day.

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One Response to Earth Day 2005

  1. me says:

    Thanks for the earth reminders. We all need ’em.

    btw, I’m told flickr is easier to use for photos … Been meaning to give it a try myself.

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