Comedy For The Masses

Wanna be a stand-up comedian?

Well, you can be like me, spend months working on material, arranging financing to fund your gigs while waiting for some paying jobs, and spend some long hours standing in front of 4 people at a 3pm show at a comedy club…


You can have a couple of beers for courage and stand up at your local bar and spend 7 minutes, doing your very best Bill Cosby imitation as you read his material to the audience accompanied by a laugh track just in case the real audience doesn’t laugh.

That’s right friends, you’ve done karaoke, now it’s time for Jokey-okey.

I first heard of this new technology at Yahoo Groups/Writing Comedy.

The comedy writers and stand-up comedians at the group seemed to think it’s a very bad idea to do someone else’s material. I’m inclined to agree.

Although admittedly, I have no trouble standing up and singing karaoke on the weekends to the modified renditions of music made popular by top rock and pop stars.

It’s most likely a double standard on my part, but its how I feel.

The technology for this latest bar craze comes from a company called Unproductions, and it’s good technology for karaoke DJs and bar businesses. I got to give them credit.

The craze has even caught the attention of Wired Magazine.

Also my source for Internet trends, fads, and technology maven, Amy Jo Kim, wrote about the Joke-e-oke trend at her blog, Musings of a Social Architect. Musings is one of my “Links I Like” in my side bar.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and most comedians know that the material they told on stage Saturday night, will be repeated by some guy or girl at the water cooler on Monday morning; then we, as comedians, can’t get too riled up, if our material makes it to a Jokey-Okey CD some day down at the Banana Boat Lounge.

I remember on an episode of Surreal Life on television. The cast persuaded Vanilla Ice to sing “Ice Ice Baby” from his seat at a karaoke bar. The crowd loved it.

Maybe ten years from now, I’ll walk into a bar to relax and wind up doing 10 minutes of my own material from a Jokey-Okey monitor.

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