Call Me D-Rush!

I’m Quixtar DRush (pronounced Dee-rush) and am here to crush the Anti-Quixtar, Commie Liberal Quixtar Critics Cabal. Consider me a cross between Rush Limbaugh and Quixtar’s Rich DeVos. Quixtar Drush is all for MLM competition, but considers parasite marketing to be highly unethical. Quixtar Drush will crush the “Unholy Trinity” and end my crusade of justice. Why is this on my shoulders? Why me? OK, I accept. Lets go. Quixtar Drush over and out.

C’mon guys, it’s April Fool’s Day!

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About Dave Robison

Now Appearing in an Extended Engagement! Join Dave Robison as he takes you into his world and his daily life of reviving a stand-up comedy career. Prepare for side trips exploring Public Relations, marketing and business ethics. Enjoy some frequent detours describing his observations on life. Read the exploits of this self-proclaimed Renaissance-man and blooming blogger as you go On The Road With Dave. From Mobile, Alabama comes Dave Robison, a confessed Internet-aholic, middle-aged-married-man, who's generally a nice guy--he just has one or two issues. Stand-Up Comedy by Dave Robison is available for corporate events, college campuses, and nightclubs.
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2 Responses to Call Me D-Rush!

  1. Anonymous says:

    i noticed a link on your site called Quixtar Blog – One Man’s Perspective…

    It used to be some guy whose wife was an IBO…

    But now it links directly to quixtar homepage…

    what’s that all about?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Me thinks that the site in question will be back to normal after today.

    Consider it a present from the folks at Quixtar Blog-One man’s perspective to boost google ranking. 🙂

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