Another’s Perspective

Never let anyone say that I’m not willing to hear the other side or accept criticism.

The following came from a forum I frequent. I’m just gonna let the person’s perspective stand here, without any commentary from me.

“The fact that you defend a flawed system and recruit others into a flawed system either makes you ignorant (with all due respect) or you intentionally look the other way and overlook glaring weaknesses and bring other (often unsuspecting or mixed motivated people) into the fray. I find the latter, as I said in my post, deceptive and unethical…although, perhaps in most areas of your life you may be doing just fine (?!) ethically. I really don’t know. I just know what I know about MLM and about Quixtar, et al…and I think you are deceiving your downline by allowing them to labor under the illusion that they’ll make it big or even do pretty darn well with Amway/Quixtar…when most of all downlines are mediocre or failing…or paying premiums for no particular reason (again a failed economic system.) You’re like a planner defending East German economy before it was swallowed up by free enterprise…I say you’re on the wrong side of the economic pendulum and on the other side of immutable economic laws. It’s as if you’re trying to debate with those who know the world is round and yet you’re maintaining its flatness – and doing so as a ‘really nice guy.’ But you’re still plain wrong – with all due respect – so perhaps you do speak from ignorance.”

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2 Responses to Another’s Perspective

  1. Anonymous says:


    It’s comments like these that make me laugh. Why is it that every anti quixtar blogger thinks they are right, and every IBO is presumably ‘wrong’?

    That comment sounded exactly like ‘tapespeak’ only in a negative view.


  2. KentF says:

    Well – we all know these “types” of forums bring out the anti-capitalist folks – not sure if this individual falls in this category. Here are some facts in this industry:
    1) Many people do make profit in direct sales.
    2) The vast majority of people in direct sales don’t make a profit. This also holds true for insurance, real estate and many forms of “direct” sales.
    3) Legitimate direct sales companies have legitimate customers.
    4) Because a product’s face-value cost is 10% more or less than someone else’s does not make either product or company more legitimate than another.

    I could go on – I think we get the point.


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