I’m one of those people that like getting mail.

I sort of get anxious around noon, if the mail lady hasn’t been by, yet.

I love signing on to the Internet and hearing the familiar “You’ve Got Mail” voice.

And don’t get me started about the UPS truck, you’d think Santa Claus was driving the truck the way I act when a package arrives.

So today, I went to the mailbox and found my annual Special Achievement Issue from Quixtar had arrived. I was happy to tear open the vinyl bag, and begin reading.

About 90 pages of pictures and names of Quixtar Independent Business Owners who had attained certain levels of achievement in Quixtar during the previous fiscal year.

Some names I recognized, but most were new faces and names I have never heard of; nor would have heard of, other than seeing them in this issue.

I hear some complaints sometimes that once an IBO achieves a level in Quixtar such as Platinum, Emerald or Diamond; that no matter what they do after that, whether their sales level off,or shrink dramatically; they still are “promoted” as being at that level. Sort of like “once saved, always saved” in certain religions.

That may be true. But, I still have to admire that IBO, because even for that one time, they did something about their business, and hopefully gained the income level they were seeking. (If they had been watching their expenses)

Those that I admire even more, are those IBOs that achieve a “Founders’ Level”.

These IBOs are the unique few, that not only reach a level, but maintain it for a full 12 months in a fiscal year.

Whether or not these IBOs use motivational tools, I can’t discount the consistency that they achieved for that year. Some IBOs maintain that level for years. It’s a notable accomplishment.

According to this issue published by Quixtar; in 2004 1500 IBOs received checks for $10,000 for maintaining Q-12 qualification. This is an IBO at the Platinum level, maintaining volume requirements in excess of the Platinum volume itself in a 12 month period.

For this entry I won’t debate the finer points of tool use, motivation, or similar issues; but these IBOs did make the Quixtar opportunity work for them.

And so the Achievement issue does provide inspiration to a new IBO or struggling IBO, that the opportunity for success is there. It is not without hard work and perseverance. It will not be without obstacles or controversy. But, it does exist.

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2 Responses to Achievers

  1. me says:

    Dave I have always regretted the day five years ago when the corporation stopped sending Amagram (now Achieve) to all IBOs in favor of a subscription system.

    The one achievment I value in my career as editor of those magazines is the reintroduction of the Special Issue — the Achievement Issue, if you will — and the fact that this one issue goes to ALL IBOs.

    I’m glad you find something in it that inspires your. I hope everyone enjoys this one “freebie” from Quixtar as the business-building inspiration it was meant to be. As the Founders themselves would have it. Thanks for your post! kathleen

  2. Anonymous says:

    YO Dave,

    It’s nice to read Achieve-it really debunks the anti quixtar people who say it doesn’t work for the average person.

    After a weekend at spring leadership along with the latest issue of achieve, I am ready to get back to work!


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