Why Your “Warm Market” Might Not Be “Warm”?

I was recently asked a very good question about prospecting a “warm market”. A warm market is your family, friends and neighbors.

I have no objections to a businessperson approaching a warm market, if they do it professionally. That is, make the contact, announce you are in business, and then let them call for an appointment. Don’t pressure them based on your relationship with them.

I think approaching a cold market can be better, because your approach is based on business, not taking advantage of a friendship, although business relationships often spring into personal friendship, but then the boundaries have been set,

Anyway, this was the question and my response.

Please give me one good reason why any of my friends
could possibly be upset with me for asking them if
they’d like to have a look at my products ? (or even
my business opportunity)

1. You showed them something similar last year.

2. The guy down the street showed them something
similar last year.

3. They work where you work, if you were so smart, you
wouldn’t be there.

4. They know where you live, why should they give you

5. You know they don’t go in for all that baloney.

6. Didn’t you just complain to them last week about
your car payment?

7. How on earth could you be so blind, for getting
involved in that?

8. You called right in the middle of the game!

9. You called right in the middle of “Survivor”

10.Didn’t they buy Christmas wrap from your kid’s school
last year?

I couldn’t come up with JUST one.

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