Why Do I Do This?

Originally Guest-Published at Quixtar Blog. Inserted back into “OTRWD” in April of 2016. It appears here in its original form .

Why do I do this?

Why does an obviously pro-Quixtar, active IBO visit QuixtarBlog? This site that has gained a reputation for being critical of the business I have chosen to operate?

Dave RobisonWhy would I subject myself to the Open Forum on this site, when the discussions attract so many others opposed to my business?

Why would I let this site owner persuade me to engage in a blog of my very own, with a view that opposes his? (Not to mention that the very act of blogging can be frustrating, annoying, and time consuming)

Why do I include a link to his blog at my own, knowing that his supporters may visit my site and comment there as well?

On top of all this, I publish my personal pro-Quixtar views, and those views often even clash with other pro-IBOs.

And now, I’m called upon to write my perceptions here at QuixtarBlog in a somewhat official position; leaving myself open for each sentence I write to be dissected, analyzed, critiqued, and argued.

So, I must be crazy, right?

March of PerceptionsThe goals of “March of Perceptions” were stated to me in this manner,

“I believe that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the Quixtar business and its related issues. And quite often, that misunderstanding leads to prejudice, stereotypes and worse. My hope… is to find a way to move towards understanding and maybe help others see things from a different perspective. I think this project is a step in the right direction.”

Maybe these are futile goals on QuixtarBlog’s part; already comments have been made from the opposing side of Quixtar. Mouths are salivating in anticipation, hoping to hear perspectives that are ripe for critique.

Those in favor of Quixtar are girding their loins for battle, second-guessing each sentence they prepare. I know I am. Go Figure.

And thus the stereotypes and prejudice may prevail.

The key to overcoming misunderstanding, is a desire to understand.

I originally visited QuixtarBlog to understand the writer’s perspective. In turn, I grew to understand many of the other visitors. Each with a different perspective and experience that led them to believe as they did.

No, I did not agree with all of their points, and in fact still find many of their views, pompous and combative; but not all.

I also see the “brainwashed” IBOs defend themselves, miserably at times, stating their “case” by repeating their “misunderstandings”

So, where do I fit into this “project?”

Maybe, I’m just as pompous, and maybe my brain has gone once around the normal wash cycle.

But, I’ll try to state my IBO case simply.

I have chosen to pursue a course in a controversial business model called Multi-Level Marketing, (a model that has as many opposing views as Quixtar itself.)

I have chosen Quixtar; the company, the products and the compensation plan, in spite of any controversy.

The sale of motivational tools is not my modus operandi. My business expenses involve my ISP service, product brochures, printer ink, gasoline for my vehicle to make sales calls, but not attend out-of-town rallies. The types of expenses any normal salesperson might incur.

I operate within the Rules set down by my agreement with Quixtar, not some ideology expounded from an upline pulpit.

And I believe, that one day, all IBOs will take what is “good” about Quixtar and make it better, and will take what is good about business and apply it to their own.

Stereotypes be damned.

I understand the problems involved with this, and I have no notion that I’ll ever be truly accepted. But that is someone else’s stereotyping that they must contend with.

Okay, I’m done with my “march”; forget the XS, just give me the tequila bottle!

The “March of Perceptions” is a special Quixtar BLOG project featuring the perceptions of four guest bloggers during the month of March.

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