Take A Drive!

I used to hear in the MLM community, that if you had a problem, go show another presentation, go prospect another person.

Today, I’d like to offer another solution.

If you feel like your MLM business is growing stagnate, or you can’t seem to break inertia, don’t go show another presentation, take a drive.

That’s right, get in your car, turn the radio on to a station with some good music…not a motivational tape, and take a drive into your city. Maybe, roll the windows down.

Look at all those businesses on the road. What are their needs? What can you offer them? Do you sell window cleaner? Bathroom supplies? Office candles? Potpourri? Greeting Cards?

Can you place your cosmetics brochures in their break room?

Now, turn down a road into a residential area. How many houses are on just one street? How many referrals could you get?

After you are done driving around, stop somewhere and pick up a Krispy Kreme donut or maybe a hamburger and Coke at MickeyD’s and find a park somewhere and just sit in your car for a few minutes, watching the kids play, or the ducks walk around, or for some of you at the moment, watch the snow fall.

You’ll find your mind racing with ideas.

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