“Prospecting Leads to Suspecting”

So, I’m at the local convenience store the other day buying a pack of cigarettes(yes I’m still smoking) and a Dr.Pepper. As I’m paying for my stuff, the guy at the register asks me if I have been looking for some real estate. Seems he owns the store but also is a real estate agent trying to sell houses in an exclusive development being built.

He says that he asks everyone that looks like a good “prospect” about real estate when they come into the store. He claims he gets 40 or 50 “prospects” a day.

Well, we have a pretty good conversation about home renovation and real estate rentals, and I leave with his business card. The problem is that the entire time I am being polite to this guy listening about the potential of his new development; I’m thinking, “Man, I just came in for cigarettes”

Maybe this approach works for him. But, I can’t say I was impressed with it. In fact, now I don’t really want to go back to that same store, for fear, he’ll want to “follow-up” with me and keep me standing at the register talking, when I just wanted to run in and run out.

Okay MLMers, you know where I’m going with this!

Why is it that if you see someone at the mall or in a bookstore, you feel like that they must be a “prospect” for your business?

Just because they are in the “business” section at Barnes and Noble, doesn’t mean they want to hear about YOUR business. Just like if they were in the “Religion and Philosophy” section, it doesn’t mean they want to be converted to the religion they are browsing.

What MLMers call “prospecting” could be making the MLMer look like a “suspect” in a line-up.

“That’s him Officer! That’s the man who tried to sell me vitamins, I’d know that face anywhere”

Folks, if you are in Sears browsing through the Electronics section and the sales guy comes up to you and asks can he help you, and you say, “No, I’m just browsing”; don’t you get annoyed if he continues to try to sell you something? Sure you do.

Well, don’t you think if someone were browsing at the book store and a NON-employee started to try to sell them something that isn’t even in the store, don’t you think they would be annoyed?

Okay, I’m not saying Don’t try to meet people, Don’t try to be friendly. That’s not it at all.

You can meet people all day, every day; that’s great. But meeting them and getting to know them, doesn’t mean they want to be in business with you. That can come later. Let me go on record and say, “NOT EVERYONE IS A PROSPECT!

But, if you treat them that way, then you become “suspect”.

Let that sink in.

Special thanks to df for the inspiration for this entry

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