Paradigm Shift

Albert Einstein once said:

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at
the same level of thinking that we were at when we
created them.

Way back when I was a video producer, I saw a neat little video that tried to explain a new product.  In it, the narrator(who always has that “voice of God”-type sound) tells us that way way back when people thought the Sun revolved around the earth(Imagine a cool animation)and then along comes Copernicus, and we have a paradigm shift(really, really cool animation)and the earth revolves around the sun.

One definition of a paradigm states,

a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated

A more basic explanation of a paradigm is the center of our core beliefs and how we react and act within those core beliefs.

In the field of Multi-Level Marketing a definite paradigm has been established.

Practices and techniques are duplicated, preached, mimicked, and extolled that establish a core belief pattern among the participants.

Anyone associated with MLM, “knows” that you must begin with your dream. You must contact and talk to everyone that comes within three feet of you. Daily Motivation must be a part of your life. You must sponsor “wide” in order to achieve profit. You must “Go Deep” to establish stability. You must practice “conversational selling”, and interject the topic of your products in all conversation. Your “upline” will provide all answers. Do not question. Success is the progressive pursuit of a worthwhile dream. A man without vision is lost. You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want in life. Your best prospects are those at or above your level of income.

And so, a paradigm is established whereby all MLM participants act and react to these core beliefs.

Call me Copernicus, if you want. Brand me a heretic. But a paradigm shift is in order.

Ex-MLMers experience another paradigm shift. When their shift happens they throw away all of the old paradigm, and begin anew outside the MLM experience. Their pendulum swings from one extreme, pro-MLM; to a new extreme; not ever wanting to be associated with MLM again.

MLMers need to institute a new, a better paradigm.

It will be difficult.

A radical change in your core beliefs, and experiencing this paradigm shift can bring on feelings of confusion, problems you thought were solvable suddenly present dilemmas.

Many MLMers wont be able to handle accepting new ideas, it goes against their present paradigm.

But, think about the new solutions and discoveries and advancements made in the field of science once Copernicus’ new paradigm was accepted.

A new field of thought and belief can bring on similar advancements in the area of Multi-Level or Network Marketing.

I think “prospecting”, chasing people down, and practicing the “three foot rule” are on their way out, replaced with building relationships first and attracting people to your business. The hard sell is becoming “permission marketing”

I want the old chants of “GO WIDE FAST!” to become “Go One at a Time”.

Motivation should be derived from a healthy bottom line and the knowledge that integrity drives your business.

Men should have vision, but not be blinded by the vision.

And answers must be formed by questioning. Different solutions will be found by different people in different manners.

If you accept this idea of establishing a shift in the MLM paradigm, be careful.

You will have to consider everyday when you talk to people about the way you conduct business, that what you say is going to be rough. It may hurt their brains to consider the new possibilities of building a Network Marketing company without hype or deception.

They may have to change their minds about how they view Network Marketing.

In my case, they will fight me, and tell me they already have an established belief about Quixtar. They know what the past paradigm is and they believe it wholeheartedly.

Copernicus did not live to see the changes his theory made to our present day knowledge. But people in MLM, in any company, can have the luxury of a stronger, more ethical business if they decide to initiate a paradigm shift in their business.

To forget the mantras and chants and embrace business knowledge combined with ethics.

Of course men like Galileo and Bruno were tried for heresy in adopting the beliefs of Copernicus. And you may be cited as a traitor or ostracized from your upline for a newer form of thinking.

But if you become more profitable, more respectable, and a better business person you will be vindicated in the end.

From what I know, there is no MLM company that uses the practices of the Spanish Inquisition in this day and age. And to my Quixtar critics…nope, not even Quixtar uses a torture rack at an arbitration process.

And finally let me say, that as Copernicus theorized, that the Earth does indeed revolve around the sun, always remember that in your own world that is still true. Your life should not revolve around your MLM business in all matters. Live your life as an individual, and let your business revolve around your day-to-day life as that individual. That would be the best paradigm shift, anyone could think of.

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One Response to Paradigm Shift

  1. Josh (The Josh You Met on QuixtarBlog) says:

    Your blog has been an inspiration to my business. My downline, some of whom I am very good friends with, were all individually having certain doubts about what our upline was teaching.

    We’d gone to a conference where we met a load of people who didn’t know how to say much of anything, it seems, unless they’d been first directed to say it by the business.

    Sharing your words, your approach, your view on this business with my business, and making it an almost mandatory spot to visit daily, has kept my downline active so far, when I know they were wanting nothing more than to jump ship.

    Thank you David.


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