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Originally Guest-Published at Quixtar Blog. Inserted back into “OTRWD” in April of 2016. It appears here in its original form .

I decided to order business cards today.

Dave RobisonI ordered them from one of Quixtar’s Partner Stores, The Complete Printshop (BTW, in regards to Monday’s Post at QuixtarBlog; The Complete Printshop has a customized page for IBO visits with Quixtar-specific products. I was unable to find their public site outside of Quixtar. I’m not sure what the arrangement is).

Where was I? Oh yeah, business cards.

Now, I’m sure you have seen countless IBO business cards. The one indistinguishable trait is that you usually can’t tell what the heck the business card is about.

They usually have a business name, the contact person is always President (even if it isn’t a corporation) and they say clever things like Private Franchising Consultant, E-Commerce Marketing Strategist or some other vague thing.

March of PerceptionsThis all goes to the whole problem of the Mysterious Meeting or Curiosity Approach.

I use a different approach. The Straight-Forward Approach.

This doesn’t involve word games, or stalking someone at a bookstore.

It’s pretty simple, really.

When I meet someone, and they ask me what I do for a living; I tell them.

“Dave, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a partner in a home renovation business, but I really want to be a comic. I also have a Direct Sales/Multilevel Marketing Business.

Now, if that satisfies them. Cool. They ain’t interested in what I do.

If they say, “Oh really? MLM? Hmmmmm, what company are you with?”

I do something really different. I TELL THEM!

“I operate a Quixtar-affiliated Independent Business. I use virtual communities to build an organization of other Quixtar Independent Business Owners and we market products via websites and personal contact.” Or something to that effect, depends on how formal I am feeling that day.

If they say, “hmmm, that ain’t for me.” or “really? that’s interesting…I have a hangnail that’s giving me some problems.”

Then, guess what?

I console with them about hangnails, and don’t try to sell them!

It doesn’t mean they hate me. It doesn’t mean they are losers. It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in me, personally.

It just means they got the answer. And they aren’t curious anymore.

If they say, “Really? Tell me, does that work for you?” or “I have heard some good things and bad things about that.”

Then, they might want to know more, and they might be willing to hear more and I proceed from there.

Okay, back to those business cards.

The cards will have my company name, Robison and Associates (I’ve used that name for years), my name, address, phone number and something I am pretty proud of — The Quixtar logo and name. The Quixtar website address, my IBO number and of course my personal favorite, the web address to On the Road with Dave.

And right under Robison and Associates will be the line,

QUIXTAR-affiliated Independent Business Owner (IBO)

There shouldn’t be any doubt as to what business I am in; and I don’t want any.

The “March of Perceptions” is a special Quixtar BLOG project featuring the perceptions of four guest bloggers during the month of March.

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