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I just wanted to take a moment to thank Qblog at QuixtarBlog for the opportunity to guest blog for him yesterday.

QuixtarBlog is running a new series during the month of March. Entitled March of Perceptions, he’s giving IBOs a chance to guest blog about their own perceptions about Quixtar or Quixtar-related sites such as his.

I was honored by being one of the featured bloggers.

I will probably submit at least two more entries to be included in the series.

It’s an interesting experiment. So many people visit the QuixtarBlog site, and it’s gained a reputation among most visitors as being critical of Quixtar.

I find that Qblog offers insightful information and commentary. The information is factual. The commentary can be funny, thought-provoking, and sometimes critical; but it’s one man’s perceptions.

His new series shows what I always knew about the author and that is an openess for discussion.

Thanks Qblog.

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2 Responses to Guest Host Behind The Desk

  1. Imanewme says:

    Hey Dave… slammin’ job at QuixtarBlog. I’ve never seen your face, but I promise if I’m reading online and someone were to cover up your name, your “voice” comes through so well I’d know you wrote them. That’s a gift. Flaunt it if you can!

    You’ve restored my faith that there are still optimistic people in the world. Thanks.

  2. Keith Sr. says:

    Hi Dave,

    Great job at Qblog. You sound like a person that I could get to know, and like.

    For me, if it hadn’t been for the AMO’s (now QMO’s, I suppose), I might still be involved. The problem that I had was that I saw too many of my downline, already on a financial tightrope, getting hit up for money for the next major function, or the SOT, or whatever non-product investment. They were going backwards financially at a powerful rate (to steal a line from Dave Severn). For them to try and raise the money through retail with the product mix and pricing as it was seemed pretty far-fetched (most people attracted to the business aren’t really salespeople to begin with), and within our LOS we were instructed not to work with those who weren’t “core” or else lose the edification in our business from our upline.
    Looking back on it I might have said, as you apparently have, “screw it – I’m going to do it my way”. Within the LOS of WWDB I never really saw this as an option – but today, with Quixtar, who knows, maybe you can pull it off.
    As you may have read in some of my posts, I am a believer in MLM, correctly done. I just came back from a meeting of startup to small (
    I always appreciate your comments- I find them cogently written and well edited – which separates you from 99% of the bloggers/responders out there in the virtual world.

    Take care,

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