Amway Russia/Howdy Comrades!

Today is the official launch date for Amway Russia.

Russia has been added as one of the 80+ countries a Quixtar IBO can now conduct business through international sponsoring through the Amway Corporation.

As most people know, Amway Corporation and Quixtar Corporation are part of the Alticor group of companies. Some would say that Quixtar is simply AmwayUSA in an online version; new name, same business.

I’m not going to “split hairs” on this subject. If a Quixtar IBO has been in business before 1999, then he/she was “in” Amway before that. And all Quixtar IBOs after 1999 can make use of the same compensation plan in international markets through the Amway Corporation.

I have made use of Amway Corporation in international markets such as Great Britain, Australia, and Singapore.

There are different rules and procedures to follow in each new international market that opens, and Russia will be no different. My hope is that all IBOs that enter the Russian market will follow the guidelines and help build this market in an ethical way.

Starting a business in international markets takes more than just “opening the doors”. It takes a sense of empathy and respect.

Don’t assume that people in other countries, are just like people in your own country.

There are different customs, practices, and rules of social life. English colloquialisms may mean nothing to an international prospect. Use of translations and translators have to be used carefully. Things “getting lost in the translation” is more the rule, than the exception.

International prospects that speak English, most likely speak better English than the English-speaking Sponsor. But the sponsor may still be misunderstood due to slang and improper usage.

Also, what someone is the USA might think is casual and friendly, can be offensive in other countries.

So remember if this entry into a new market makes you think it’s as easy as “signing someone up”…re-think your position. Take some time to study the market and the rules.

This a chance to be an unofficial “ambassador” to another country, don’t mess it up!

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