12 Steps of Sponsorship

The word “sponsor” is frequently used in the Network
Marketing industry, as the person you sign up under, or
the person who trains you, or the person who bugs you
about your progress.

In international affairs, a sponsor may be someone that
accepts responsibilty for your actions while visiting a foreign
country. A sponsor may also be the one who provides for your care
and safety in a social, education, or humanitarian function.

In a 12-step program, a sponsor takes on many roles;
leader, teacher, comforter. I recently found the
12 Qualities of a Sponsor on a 12-step program for debt

I believe, that with very little adaptation,
these qualities are quite appropriate for a network
marketing sponsor.

Twelve Qualities of Sponsorship

I will not help you to stay and wallow in limbo.

I will help you to grow, to become more productive, by
your definition.

I will help you become more autonomous, more loving of
yourself, more excited, less sensitive, more free to
become the authority for your own living.

I can not give you dreams or “fix you up” simply because I can not.

I can not give you growth, or grow for you. You must
grow for yourself by facing reality, grim as it may be
at times.

I can not take away your loneliness or your pain.

I can not sense your world for you, evaluate your goals
for you, tell you what is best for your world; because
you have your own world in which you must live.

I can not convince you of the necessity to make the
vital decision of choosing the frightening uncertainty
of growing over the safe misery of remaining static.

I want to be with you and know you as a rich and growing
friend; yet I can not get close to you when you
choose not to grow.

When I begin to care for you out of pity or when I
begin to lose faith in you, then I am inhibiting both
for you and for me.

You must know and understand my help is conditional.

I will be with you and “hang in there” with you so long
as I continue to get even the slightest hint that you
are still trying to grow.

If you can accept this, then perhaps we can help
each other to become what (God) meant us to be, mature
adults, leaving childishness forever to the little
children of the world

I believe these 12 qualities put a whole new spin on just signing
someone up, and watching the money roll in.

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