Two For One, No Cover

Today is Saturday. On The Road with Dave is running a two for one special, no cover.

That’s right. You get two related entries in a single post. Both, in the field of entertainment.

Item 1:

Last week, National Public Radio ran a story on their outstanding All Things Considered program on a rising Canadian folk band, called the Duhks.

All Things Considered, February 21, 2005 · The Duhks defy easy categorization. Fans and acquaintances have used phrases like “Blue Rodeo meets Celtic rock,” “progressive soulgrass” and “Destiny’s Child meets the Chieftains” to describe the Canadian band.

“I think what we really play is good music, music that we like,” says Leonard Podolak, the clawhammer banjo player who put together the band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. “The music comes from all of us… you can’t really describe it in a category.”

duhkmigrationsIndeed, The Duhks (pronounced ducks) take Celtic, French Canadian and old-timey music and punch it up with shades of blues and soul and driving Afro-Cuban beats

Read the Full Story and you even get to hear some of their music. It’s really cool sounding, and I can attest that it sounds like stuff you have heard, but not really.
You’ll get hooked.


Item B:

If you are looking for a place to hear the Duhks, you just missed one of their performances at The Green Parrot Bar, a sunny place for shady people.

The Parrot is located at the very end of Highway 1 in Key West, Florida; and is now included on my list of places I have absolutely got to visit.

Their website is filled with information, history, and pictures about what appears to be the “most happening” place in The Keys. And as a special added bonus, The Green Parrot has a blog and a newsletter.

The line up of bands and performers listed show a multitude of musical forms for everyone’s taste.

I can see myself now, sitting at the bar, watching the sunset, listening to some blues, and enjoying a “cold one’.

I wonder if they’d let an aspiring comedian do a “short set” one night, as long as I promise to obey the “no sniveling” rule?

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2 Responses to Two For One, No Cover

  1. kathleen says:

    Sounds great. I’ll meet you there in approx. 28 hours!

  2. jason says:

    The Green Parrot, eh?

    There’s a place about 60 kilometers south of Cancun in Playa Del Carmen called the Blue Parrot. I spent most of my vacation at that bar when I was in Mexico. I totally began to understand where guys like Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney were coming from when they talk about the sun and the sand and a drink in their hand.

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