“The Go-Getter”

You better sit down for this. Take a couple of deep breaths. Make sure your medication is handy. I’m going to recommend a “motivational” tape and book, to purchase.

I guess, if you aren’t a regular reader to “On The Road With Dave”, I might have some “splaining” to do.

As most know that frequent this blog, I’m an Independent Business Owner affiliated with Quixtar. One of the controversies surrounding Quixtar is the promotion by certain IBOs of “systems” that sell motivational materials to other IBOs.

These motivational systems are the subject of some debate on the Internet; and the “system of training” by these IBOs are the subject of many “critical” websites of Quixtar located in the vast expanse that is the World Wide Web.

I have “distanced” myself from these motivational systems, and I do not operate my Quixtar business using these motivational systems.


I do like to be “motivated”. I read self-help books, inspiring stories, personal development non-fiction, as well as classic literature and popular mainstream novels.

(See, I told you this needed to be read while sitting comfortably!)

Okay, here comes my book recommendation.

In 1922 screenwriter Peter Kyne penned a short novel entitled “The Go-Getter”. I did indeed first hear about the book many years ago when I was in Amway. I bought it and never read it.

Then, later on in the 90s, sometimes, I was reading a book called The Challenge by Robert Allen. In the book, Allen gives his seminar participants a cassette tape with a dramatization of The Go-Getter. Allen’s version is updated with 1990s income ranges and references.

I want to add, that this was prior to Allen himself subcumbing to “seminar and book selling” rather than providing down to earth info. I think Kiyosaki(Rich Dad, Poor Dad) has also become more of a “self” promoter rather than an info provider.

Anyway…after listening to the tape, I dug out the original book and found the story entertaining and inspiring even in the language and terms of Kyne’s 1920s.

Well, the book has been re-released in an unabridged CD or cassette narrated by Arthur Morrey. I would highly recommend the book or the new CD.

From Publishers Weekly

This audiobook, based on a 1921 story, follows Peck, a war veteran and double amputee eager to work for Ricks’ Logging Company. The firm’s executives hire the hardworking and honest Peck almost as a lark, because they’re unhappy with several current employees’ performance. Peck immediately surprises them by going out and selling the most undesirable lumber for unbelievably high prices. He’s back in the office briefly before heading out on another sale when he’s asked to do an odd errand: he has to track down a particular blue vase in a shop on Sunday and deliver it to the company president by that evening. The intrepid Peck finds the store, tracks down the owner and finally obtains the vase, proving he is indeed a go-getter. The story is undoubtedly old-fashioned, but the actions and attitudes of both the worker and the manager still ring true today.

All of us have at one time pursued a goal, that seemed insurmountable, but as we persevered and vowed that “it shall be done”, we were able to overcome the obstacles placed before us. The Go-Getter is a great reminder, that any goal can be accomplished if we adopt the motto once again.

You can purchase the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you are a Quixtar Client, or Quixtar IBO you can also purchase it through the Quixtar website via Quixtar’s partnership with Barnes and Noble.

UPDATE: APRIL, 2016–This audiobook is available at Amazon at the link below.

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