The Dreaded J-O-B!

One of the MLM message boards I frequent has a collective dislike for MLM cliches’.

Our favorite one that we make fun of, is when a “newbie”(a person new to MLM and inexperienced) describes his “opportunity” as “AWESOME!” It seems every MLM upline in the world teaches its downline to say “AWESOME!”. To me it’s a dead giveaway that the opportunity might not be so awesome as one might think.

But today, I am revising my list of dreaded MLM cliches and knocking “AWESOME” out of the #1 position. That’s right listeners, welcome the term “J-O-B” to the top spot.

That’s the word “job” spelled out. If a MLMer uses it, it is normally followed by their rendition of what J-O-B stands for. It may be, “Just Over Broke”; or Jackass Of the Boss”.

The term is used by “newbies” and seasoned MLM junkies alike. It’s used disdainfully to criticize those involve in a regular 9-5 job, or it is used to persuade a new prospect that they should be dissatisfied with their job and seek the benefits of the MLMer’s hottest “awesome” opportunity.

In conjunction with that discourse is usually something about “Education”
to get a J-O-B is also equally worthless.

Okay, sure, I’ll admit that if there was a way for most people to sit around all day in complete comfort and financial independence, they might quit their job. I admit that some people may be stuck in an employment position they absolutely hate. I’ll even admit there are people “out there” maybe fantasizing about their boss hog-tied in their underwear, covered in honey, and lying next to an ant bed. (oh alright, I had THAT fantasy ONCE, and it was a LOOONG time ago)

The truth is, though, that most people define themselves by their job. Why would an MLMer, who is trying to attract someone to their opportunity, dismiss that “prospect’s” very existence, by insulting him and his employment?

Most people also have no inkling about being their “own boss” or even have the skills and self discipline to be a “boss”. I think “hyping” someone up in a frenzy about “being free” and quitting their J-O-B, does a disservice to the person your MLM company is trying to help.

It’s all about respect and meeting your prospect on his terms.

If you are an MLMer, I implore you to drop the “J-O-B” nonsense.

In fact, encourage your prospects in their job. Use your networking skills and business acumen to help them ascend further in their jobs.

Show them that your “opportunity” will provide supplemental income to their existing job and provide them skills to possibly enhance their job. And if you are lucky, they will succeed in both your “opportunity” and their employment.

If they become successful in the MLM company you promote, they may very well choose, at some point, to pursue it on a full-time basis. But, when they do, you can be assured that they have the knowledge and experience to make “the break” a long term and ongoing concern.

And if by chance, they discover that “business ownership” is not for them or in their future, they will leave you on good terms and without anger or discord.

This will certainly prevent you from being the “Jackass” withOUT a Boss.

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3 Responses to The Dreaded J-O-B!

  1. Roger says:

    When we were in Amway, in the Yager system…. it was “Phenominal”… I also know that the Team of Orrin Woodward (a formet Yager disciple) also teaches “phenominal”…. as no voicemail I have heard about any product or even is complete without “phenominal”


  2. Yeah, phenomenonal is one of those words as well. And I’m not saying you can’t have adjectives that denote excitement in your presentation, nor would I tell someone to “dumb” down their presentations by replacing “awesome” with “really really good”; but c’mon people, if you have heard it more than 5 or 6 times at various presentations, then dontcha think so have the prospects? Get creative.

  3. Allen says:

    Yooooooo David:

    You are right on ………

    ^5 Buddy

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