Debate or Da Kids?

Currently, I am watching two lively debates at two separate internet forums.

Both started, as all do, with a stated opinion based on “facts”; followed by a different opinion with other “facts”.

Both concern MLM practices.

And both have exceeded several pages of back and forth exchange.

Neither side is willing to give an inch in each debate. The following is not the actual debates, but rather my impression of the tone of the debates.

“the sky is blue’

“the sky is not blue,it’s how our minds perceive the lightwave”

“what color do you see when you look up, it’s blue..I rest my case.

“You aren’t really looking “up”, the earth is spherical, your location on the earth really has you looking “out” instead of “up”

“Well, I don’t fall “in” when I slip on a banana peal, so it must be “up” …as in up, up and away into the wild BLUE yonder.”

“You are a moron!”

“No you are, can’t you see I am right?”

“I figured you must be “right”, you are an obvious Bush supporter.”

“that’s right I don’t live in a “blue” state.”

“I thought you said, there was no such thing as “blue”.

And so it goes. Needless to say, I have lost interest, as I’m sure the rest of the readers at those two forums have. The real value of the debate is lost. Nothing will ever be decided upon. No common ground will be found.

It’s like two kids on the playground playing, “I dare you” and “I double-dog dare you”. Eventually someone winds up with their tongue frozen to a flag pole.

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