This entry is about Country Music Television, not any kind of “crossroads” decision.

I just had the opportunity to watch CMT’s Crossroads featuring legendary John Fogerty and country/pop idol Keith Urban.

I like both singers, although my wife has more than a passing fancy for jeans-wearing-hip-hugging Urban.

The show highlighted both artists’ hits as they sang together.

I watched another episode some while back, featuring Kenny Chesney and John Mellencamp.

The show’s premise is to pair a country artist with a rock or pop artist in a one hour concert.

Interviews with the artists are interlaced between songs.

My favorite moment was their rendition of Fogerty’s classic, Centerfield
The reason why I’m blogging about it is what I noticed about Keith Urban.

Here’s a guy on top of the music industry at the moment. he can do no wrong.

And yet, if something happened to him tomorrow that knocked him from his perch, I dare say he would still pick up that guitar and play it.

If he was stricken with some voice-altering malady, he would still draws thousands to concerts just to hear the man play a few licks on his guitar.

I would not put him in a class with Jimmy, or Stevie Ray or even Eric Clapton, but he isn’t far from it, and his love for the guitar is evident on his face and his actions on stage. The man is first and foremost; a musician. Vocals come second.

He studies, he practices, and he loves his craft.

That’s a good role model in anything we pursue.

Read more about the show here.

And if you have Country Music Television on your local cable or dish, tune in and watch the show. Episode schedule is here

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