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A new Quixtar-related blog is on the web now.

A man identifying himself as Jonas’Dad, is publishing his thoughts about Quixtar at Quixtar Criminals. “Dad” is undergoing a traumatic break-up in his marriage and is attributing it to his wife’s involvement in a Quixtar group of IBOs.

After reading all of his blog, I don’t think “Dad” would mind if I observed that his marriage probably had some significant problems at the beginning that he probably did not notice, in retrospect. And like all blogs, his story is uniquely his and through his eyes.

I made a comment at his blog, and he replied with some kind words.

He asked me the same thing a lot of people asked me.

“Is it true you don’t purchase motivational material?”

Well, I do purchase “motivational material”. I have quite a library of books from Ayn Rand to Og Mandino to Walt Whitman to Zig Ziglar. But, I purchased them through many years, most before my involvement with Quixtar. And, I never purchased a single one through my “upline”.

I did purchase motivational tapes for a short time with a previous upline many years ago, but it didn’t take me long to realize most of the tapes were not to my taste.

I suppose the “brainwashing” that people like “Dad” talk about on their sites, could happen with those that are already predisposed to accept everything a person in a perceived higher authority says as fact and religion.

And maybe those of that ilk are naturally drawn to the charisma of leaders involved in MLM companies. Or maybe those leaders seek those type of people out.

As for me, I love accepting new ideas, new challenges, and new motivation; but they all must be tempered and sifted through my own individuality. I think motivation should make the individual act effectively, not just act “motivated.”

I feel sorry for “Dad’s” experience.

And in turn, his experience motivates me to continue on with the way I conduct myself.

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3 Responses to Comments From Jonas’ Dad

  1. Anonymous says:

    As for me, I love accepting new ideas, new challenges, and new motivation; but they all must be tempered and sifted through my own individuality.With the Amway tool (and expensive) system, somehow this individuality is lost for many. To bad more don’t follow their OWN dreams instead of tapes.

    I also read Dad’s blogg — it’s amazing that someone can blame everyone but themselves for financial problem. Don’t get me wrong, I understand how people get drawn into things by the dream but ultimately we are responsible for our own actions. Where did we lose that the last few decades???

    I to feel sorry for Dad, but maybe in a different light.

    Great blogg!

  2. Keith Sr. says:

    Great blog- I’ve bookmarked it.

    I’m about as cynical about A/Q as anyone could be- the tool system was definitely the major factor in my “dropping out.” I had a great group, but they just couldn’t see the fleecing of the organization…or they didn’t think that it was wrong. Oh, well. I still believe that “legitimate MLM” is not an oxymoron.
    I slugged through the pdf version of “Merchants of Deception” last week- chilling, and oddly enough, very close to my experience.
    I hope to talk again soon- you seem like the kind of guy that I could have a beer with…if I drank…which I ‘hic’ don’t.

  3. Howdy Keith,

    Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to hang out, read the archives, and get to know the inner mind of one more blogger.

    I’ll keep a beer chilled for ya. 🙂

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