A Stick?

I have been hanging on to a copy of an Instant Message I was engaged in several, several months ago.

I was in a chatroom when an enthusiastic, but somewhat inexperienced IBO came into the room, and immediately began extolling the virtues of his Quixtar business, He was new, and saying all the “New” things. (Like, Awesome!)

The chatroom is predominantly made up of other MLMers and they were quite savvy to the terminology and cliches’, the young IBO was throwing around.

The chat went downhill from there, as each person in the room began firing questions at the IBO, accusing him of things, and generally treating him like “fresh meat” on Survivor island. They were eating him up.

I saw a chance to help the guy out, and asked him if he would like to chat via Instant Message.

The reason I am sharing it is because I believe that:

1) I should always try to help someone out.
2) Sometimes you gotta know when someone doesn’t want your help.
3) I really need a surgeon. (don’t worry, you’ll understand at the end of the “IM”)

The following is the IM we shared. I have changed the IBO’s screen name; and I have removed direct references to any specific Line of Sponsorship, other than a “pin” level mentioned. I have also fixed two “typos” of the IBO so the conversation makes more sense.

One thing, I’d like to comment on is that, the IBO seems to be confused as to what MLM is, I couldn’t figure that one out.

Remember, this was a free flowing conversation, some questions and answers may overlap or be a line or two delayed in the text. Read carefully.

davidrbsn: Hi
E700: hey
davidrbsn: Thought I would take company specific conversation out of the room
E700: wow…okay
E700: This is Quixtar not the CIA:-D
davidrbsn: There are many LOS that don’t participate in seminars like Spring leadership
davidrbsn: I know not CIA
davidrbsn: but you have to understand the room
E700: I thought that seminars were essential for success and to set the example for other downline
davidrbsn: I have lines in the UK, Singapore, and Australia, so I am quite active
E700: help me to understand
davidrbsn: ok….question
E700: Don’t the tapes always talk about attending all business functions?
E700: go ahead
davidrbsn: How long have you been an IBO?
E700: since July
E700: Tell me about the room
davidrbsn: The room has many MLMers in it, all coming to prospect, and it has alot of Anti MLMers all coming to argue
E700: So then why are you in the room? did you come to prospect or to argue?
davidrbsn: Quixtar is usually a “hot button”. It can stir the room into a frenzy
E700: true
E700: i see your point
davidrbsn: neither, I have developed friendships in the room and I try to educate when I’m there
E700: educate what?
davidrbsn: Most that are aware of my IBO status respect me for my non-prospecting stance
davidrbsn: I clear up misstatements, give general advice and such
davidrbsn: mostly general business…
davidrbsn: non-MLM
E700: sounds like a blast
E700: what is MLm?
davidrbsn: Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing
E700: so what if someone was to IM you and asks you about Quixtar… would you link them to the site?

davidrbsn: I normally ask some questions and direct them to my online virtual community so they can learn some general business, and then if they are still interested, we can talk Quixtar
davidrbsn: most people are not ready for business ownership of any kind
davidrbsn: that’s why they fail
E700: Well, I usually don’t look for IBOs on the Internet, I just make some clients and occasionally a member
E700: In fact, I never look for IBOs on the Internet
davidrbsn: you do that off-line?
E700: of course… I’m about to be an eagle
davidrbsn: you’re in ABC Worldwide?
E700: yes
davidrbsn: ok..Eagle is a ABC level
davidrbsn: that’s how I knew
E700: what do you mean by a ABC level?
davidrbsn: Eagle is a level only in the ABC system
davidrbsn: It doesn’t exist elsewhere. It’s not an official Quixtar pin level.
E700: and you’re not in the ABC system?
davidrbsn: No, but I am familiar with it
davidrbsn: as well as most other systems
E700: I thought Quixtar and ABC were entertwined
E700: Do you show the plan?
davidrbsn: ABC is one of the largest IBO organizations but their system is separate from Quixtar
davidrbsn: I show the compensation plan, yes
davidrbsn: but not in the manner you do
E700: and what in the world is the compensation plan?
davidrbsn: the compensation plan is basically how the money is made
E700: Do you listen to the ABC taped and read the books?
davidrbsn: you most likely show 9 circles or 9 houses in a STP book
davidrbsn: yes I once listened to hundreds of tapes
E700: and why did you stop?

davidrbsn: ( I, then, name some High-ranking IBOs)
E700: (He, then names a few others)

davidrbsn: I discarded the tool system for a more profit driven system…..based on product volume and not tapes
E700: So then why doesn’t anyone else do that and why are the tapes so recommended by the diamonds and the crown ambassadors?
E700: and platinums
davidrbsn: because the diamonds and everyone else make money on the tapes and seminars
davidrbsn: Do the tapes carry PV, or can you buy the tapes at wholesale and sell them retail?
davidrbsn: is there any profit for YOU in buying tapes, or is that an expense?
E700: That doesn’t matter… the tapes is what keep your mind programmed for the positive so that your business will function
E700: You(r) mind is what profits
davidrbsn: That’s fine, if you just want your mind profited
E700: I don’t think $5.00 for a tape is such a large expense for financial freedom
E700: how do you teach your downlines to do business?
davidrbsn: Does you product volume pay for that expense?
davidrbsn: or are you losing money
davidrbsn: I teach my downline by attraction marketing and online virtual communities with no cost other than their ISP of their choosing
E700: your are looking at it so negatively… loosing money is not a factor…. what is $5 ? You are getting advice from millionaires on how to make your business work. the few dollars used to buy a tape is just an investment
davidrbsn: I make no money on their training

E700 changes the subject


E700: Just out of curiosity…. are you a christian?
davidrbsn: I made those investments a long time ago..saw no more need in it
davidrbsn: yes I’m a Christian, why?
E700: Just wondering… because people in Quixtar usually were and I just wanted to see if you were
E700: Do you have an upline?
davidrbsn: Quixtar has Muslims, Buddhists, Amish, and all kinds of religions in it..including Atheists
davidrbsn: Yes I have an Upline
davidrbsn: and a downline
E700: Does he build the business the same way you do?
davidrbsn: Yes
E700: I have yet to find and atheist in Quixtar although I do believe they exist
E700: Quixtar is really founded on Christian beliefs
davidrbsn: Quixtar is merely a contracting company..it has no religious affiliation..although the founders were Dutch Calvinists
davidrbsn: Jewish people in Quixtar would be offended if you said the principles were Christian in origin
davidrbsn: but you are correct in saying the principles are morally centered
davidrbsn: and ethical

E700: oh my god…here we go again with the offended non-sence… Take care man… You give me a headache. I don’t like the way to do business. You are a bootleg IBO and you really need to surgically remove the stick from your ass

davidrbsn: pleasure speaking with you

So, Does anybody know someone that can help me with that stick?



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  1. Jonas' Dad says:

    Hey Dave, I’m pretty sure this guy is a Bill Britt IBO, based on the “eagle” and the religious ties. Most folks educated about the Quixtar “clans” know that. But, I wanted to first tell you I respect what your trying to do. I think it is the only way Quixtar can ultimately survive. Unfortunately, this guy exemplifies how their being brainwashed and “stupified” (if that’s a word). It’s like a plague or diseaese of the brain. It seriously is a psycological phenomonen to see how they follow the same thought patterns, say the same things, act the same way. Isn’t it scary? Seriously! This is the exact same frustrating kind of conversations I have with my soon to be ex-wife, that I just can’t seem to figure out. I just want her to wake up! Come back to reality!

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