A “Random” Survey

This morning, thanks to QuixtarBlog, I discovered an informal survey, posted at Random Observations concerning Quixtar and the religious practices of some Quixtar IBOs.

The survey seems somewhat directed at ex-IBOs, as most of the questions seem to ask about past experiences regarding Christianity and Quixtar IBO organizations.

The issue at hand, is the practice of certain IBO organizations, to include religious faith and religious services into their business meetings, rallies and seminars.

Rather than be constricted by the “Comments” section at Random Observations, I have decided to answer the survey questions here at “On The Road with Dave”.

Before I answer the questions, I will say (for those that do not know) my religious background is a very fundamental faith classified by most religious dictionaries and resources as “non-denominational” and its history lies in the roots of The Restoration Movement of 1800s America. My personal views and faith lie in a somewhat “liberal” strain of that faith.

My answers will be in regard to my past experience with Quixtar IBO organizations that may have practiced the issues brought up by Random Observations. I am still a Quixtar IBO, but do not belong to an organization that conducts these practices now.

I am a firm believer in Quixtar’s policy of The Right To Differ.

Now, on with the Survey.

Did it increase your faith at one point?


Listening to another’s religious convictions has little to do with my faith. Faith comes from study and reflection on that study.

Did it make you more cynical about religion when you left? Or at the time?

No, but it made me mad that I attended a business meeting and wound up hearing someone’s religious teachings that were less in knowledge of religious fact than a average layman.

Or did having a bad experience cause you to try to clarify your own values?

No bad experience in a business should have any bearing on your values. Your values should in fact have a bearing on how you handle a bad experience.

Did it give you a bad view of Christianity, the faith they pretend to represent? Or did it encourage you to look into it?

The only thing it encouraged me to do, was look past the religious rhetoric and move on with a BUSINESS. Christianity for me is a private matter that is expressed in my actions in all my life. So I have no doubt, that my values play a part in how I conduct business, but religion is not part of business.

If you’re not a Christian, did you feel your own faith, or non-belief, was respected? Or was there any heavy-handed attempts to pressure you into something you didn’t believe?

I was and am a Christian. In my short experience with these type of groups, I was encouraged to attend their Sunday Services, but respectfully declined. I told my upline that a church of my faith was in the area, I would attend THAT service, and he was welcome to join ME. I did experience some insistence to conform to their practice, but I was there to learn how to sponsor others into a business, sell products and make a profit. I was not there for preaching.

Did your experiences make real differences in the way you live? Do you treat other people better? Did being in Quixtar help you attend to get involved in non-Quixtar religious organizations regularly? Or did it draw you away from whatever faith you had?

Quixtar is just a business. Its impact on my faith should be negligible.

But the way I live with faith; or without faith for that matter, should most likely impact my business in some small way. If one’s faith builds strong ethics, then one would most likely practice business ethically.

What are your actual, first-hand experiences?

I removed myself from this type of organization, mainly due to a better way to conduct business. Religious and political rhetoric are not good sales techniques.

I prefer other methods.

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2 Responses to A “Random” Survey

  1. Roger says:

    Dave, excellent answers. You, as a business man who is religious, does not require religion to do business… admittedly, your religious beliefs affect how you may treat your business, but not the business itself.

    Still looking forward to that comendy tour!


  2. Dave,

    Thanks for your responses! I expect others will benefit from your words.

    You are right, the survey was aimed more at ex-IBOs. IBOs are always enthusiastic in the short term, but I wanted to see what kinds of long-term effects we’d see.

    Since turnover, long term, in Quixtar is nearly 100%, that leaves Diamonds and ex-IBOs. And I already know that the Diamonds will say.

    – Tim

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