I’ve been sitting home for the last two days missing work.

It all goes back to last Wednesday. I woke up with a huge lump underneath my arm. I didn’t think much about it, I thought I might have “pulled a muscle” on Monday or Tuesday, or at the very least slept on my arm in a weird position.

It hurt. And sort of felt like I was carrying a baseball in my armpit when my arm hung naturally.

I worked the rest of that week and casually mentioned to my partner’s wife that it was bothering me. She joked about it being “cancer” and we laughed. But over the weekend, I get on the Internet.

Big Mistake.

I start browsing my symptoms and I get “hits” for all types of cancer, Hodgkins Disease and a few other nasty “killers”. Needless to say, my paranoia was kicking in, and I was getting pretty worried. I was scared that maybe, just maybe I DID have something serious. And I wanted to go see a doctor, but I didn’t want to go, either.

My Mom would I have said, “I was scared to death and afraid to run”

But, I have been treating it as a muscle injury…lots of heat, and Ibuprofen and I didn’t work Monday or Tuesday and have generally been “babying” it.

I’m happy to report that the “lump” is smaller, less painful, and the numbness that radiated down my arm has subsided. I plan to go back to work tomorrow.

If I do a lot of heavy lifting and the pain increases again, I guess that’ll confirm my diagnosis.

I, now seriously doubt that I’m dying, but I can’t honestly say I didn’t ponder the thought at some length.

I had been making fun of my wife recently because she is hooked on this new medical drama on NBC called “House”. It’s a show where they can’t diagnose an illness each week and use what I call “C.S.I. type graphics” to figure out the rare illness.

Usually, my wife jokingly complains about having “Rabbit Fever” or “Brain Worms” following an episode of “House”. I guess I subcumbed to a bit of that hypochondria via a web search on “lump” “armpit” and “pain”.

Thankfully, the focus of On The Road With Dave won’t be medical recovery road anytime in the future.

:::fingers crossed::::

:::Knocking wood::::

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