MLMs On The Bathroom Wall

“hERE I sit,

broKen hearted,

Tried MLM,

But never goT sTarted.”

“For good MLM call 555-1212”


No Money

Know MLM

Know Money”

“Yo! My MLM was here!”

“Press MLM start, Rub hands Under -Arm”

“Young Male MLm, be here at 7pm”

“don’t date the MLM here on Fridays, she has no money!”

I keep hearing the phrase, “The Internet is the Bathroom Wall of Society”.

This phrase is used by MLMers that oppose the use of the Internet as a means of gathering information about an MLM company. Usually it means the MLMer has experienced a negative criticism of his company on the Internet.

Quixtar is no stranger to Internet criticism.

What perplexes me is that Quixtar distributors (IBOs) say this phrase in putting down the negative sites, and then turn around and use the very same medium to advance their business through their own sites.

Where does the “Bathroom Wall” fit in?

Does the negative sites constitute the Bathroom Wall, and the positive sites are some other wall?

You can’t have it both ways.

As an MLMer myself, I use the Internet everyday. I send emails. I conduct research. I Instant Message people. I visit Internet Forums.

I find negative and positive about everything from Politics and Religion to MLMs and the proper way to tell a joke.

Now, what I do with all this information is this. I use the information to adapt, modify, improve, confirm, or delete certain practices I was doing.

It doesn’t make me want to call those that disagree with me, “losers”. It doesn’t make me want to belittle someone. Yes, I get angry at some things that I read. I get angry at bad debates. And there are just as many bad debaters in MLM circles, as any other circle.

The “negative-on-MLM” often can’t see past their own bad experiences, and the “positive-on-MLM” usually can’t see past their blind enthusiasm. Neither in some instances are willing to give an inch to the other side.

But, I still have to say I disagree with the “bathroom” analogy. The Internet is not the “bathroom wall of society”, it is society, itself, in a condensed medium.

And the most effective way to change society, it to start in your corner of it, from within.

So if you think someone is printing lies about you on the bathroom wall, take some effort to go clean the walls. (Don’t just write something in place of the negative, clean it up; leave it clean)

And don’t give them reason to write something again.

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One Response to MLMs On The Bathroom Wall

  1. Loser says:


    Btw I saw past my bad experiences in Quixtar. Although many ppl happen to have similar experiences, I find out that if done properly, retail based, it won’t cause any one to lose significant amount of money. At the max some time.

    And if ppl are recruited and are told straight up, “You WILL have to sell, or you will be wasting your time” I don’t see many ppl wasting time either!

    Just my lowly opinion….

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