Lazy Day

It’s been overcast today, much cooler than it has been all week, and everything is wet from last night’s rain. All in all, a gloomy day on the Gulf Coast. Not at all conducive to getting things done.

But, I’m plodding along.

Yesterday was not a good day at work, although we accomplished what we started, my mood was not the best. I got upset over something that happened midway through the day and that left me feeling down. Maybe, I’m too sensitive, but it left me with an uneasy feeling that lasted the rest of the day and most of today. I’m sure it will pass; but it hasn’t yet.

So today, My wife and I took our boys on a drive. Sometimes we just like to grab a bag of chips, some cokes, and drive around and look at stuff. We’ve only been in Mobile, AL for about two years and there’s things we haven’t seen yet. It probably sounds like a boring day, but we enjoy it. It’s kinda relaxing. No distractions, everybody gets to talk, we listen to the radio. We stopped at Mickey D’s for some burgers. And we all return home in a good mood.

(…ok for me, we’re talking a “better mood”…not good, yet)

Anyway, it’s been a lazy Saturday. But, I can’t be SO lazy, that I forget to “blog” my thoughts. I wouldn’t want to disappoint those “mass” of readers that visit here each day.

And lest you think, that one lazy day is a “failure” on my Action Plan for 2005, get that out of your head. I managed to accomplish quite a bit in the past week, and I already have next week’s schedule made out.

So, it’s my day off…I can be lazy just a little.

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