“I Got One!”

In MLM terms, a “prospect” is a person the MLM-er might feel is “worthy” of being shown the specific MLM company opportunity.

The “prospect” is “contacted”; his interest gauged; and then a presentation is given outlining the “opportunity”.

Going out and meeting people and showing them the “plan” is often referred to as “Prospecting and sponsoring”

The sponsor, if he is successful in his efforts, gains a new “recruit”, a business associate in the MLM company.

Now, if you’re at all familiar with any of these terms, then you’re probably wondering why I gave this short primer.

These days, I rarely use the terms described, because I don’t go “prospecting” anymore. Usually, I let people find me, and assess MY “worthiness” as a business associate. I mean, sure, after we develop a business dialogue; I do indeed present my “business opportunity” to the person, giving him or her the details of why I feel like Quixtar is my MLM vehicle of choice. And if they like the business details and me then I do “sponsor” or register them with Quixtar.

“So Dave, where ya going with all this?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

In keeping with my action steps for 2005, yesterday I sponsored someone.



That’s right. Yesterday I sat down, logged on to my company website and went through all the details, the rules, the products, the compensation plan, the various links and divisions of the company. (Including several of the International sites available) and I came away convinced that I shall be my first and best distributor.

Yes, I have others sponsored already, but I had a reason for this exercise.

Too often, in the MLM world, sponsors repeat to their prospects what they were told by their sponsors. They imitate and duplicate what worked on them. They may sell the exact same product niche that their sponsors sell. Sponsor the same type recruits that their sponsor recruits; and only navigate the parts of the website they are told about. Beyond that, they realize very little about the potential or inner workings of their company.

So, I started all over. I asked myself the questions, I looked up the answers, I weighed the pros and the cons and I sponsored my self.

I think this would be a good exercise for all “experienced” MLMers. Go back to the beginning, and look at your opportunity through the “prospect’s” eyes. I can almost guarantee that it will give you pause to question your opportunity or to solidly convince you that what you are doing is your proper fit.

This completes another check mark by an item on my Things To Do List.

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2 Responses to “I Got One!”

  1. Ty Tribble says:


    Have you ever “lost” someone after they found out the company you work with is Quixtar?

  2. Howdy Ty,

    In the 1980s, when I was first involved in Amway and using the “curiosity approach”, I was probably hit with more objections after the “prospect” found out it was Amway.

    In those days, I would hear, “Oh Amway, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an Amway distributor.”

    Also in speaking with other MLMers of that day, they had similar problems with their MLMs, because they would hear, “Oh that’s just like Amway”.

    But that was during a high profile time for Amway and MLM, when even the stand up comedians of the day could count on the word “Amway” for a laugh, as much as comedians depend on the F word today.

    But truthfully, as far as I know, I never “lost” any one due to them “finding out” that I am involved in Quixtar.

    In fact, most are even more intrigued by the concept, because “if I’m involved, then they must not know everything there is to know about the company”.

    I think that my openess to the discussion of Quixtar, is refreshing for most that I meet.

    Maybe, I’m patting myself on the back,

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