Checking In

Yesterday, was busy for me; by the time I got home I pretty much was ready for bed, hence, no blog entry yesterday. Sorry about that.

Today I had a day off(rain).

So I took the time to work on an upcoming marketing plan for my Quixtar business.

I’ve been compiling some sales notes and results I have accumulated over the years and forming an email and direct mail campaign for my B2B market.

It’s coming together. Last month when I focused on getting organized, I was amazed at the business cards, company brochures, club membership lists, and old client lists that I have accumulated over the years. I am something of a pack rat.

So, I organized all those lists, culled the ones I no longer needed and began entering them into a database. This will be categorized by contact, familiarity, market and some other factors.

I’m staying true to my 2005 goals by utilizing my time away from my day job to concentrate on my businesses at home. I’m kinda proud at what I’m getting accomplished.

But, it’s back to the day job tomorrow. I heard on the weather report that rain was leaving, but bringing in some cooler weather. It’s been a hot January down here on the coast, and I can’t say that I have missed the cold weather, but it’s bound to have reached us eventually. So think about me while I’m up on a two-story roof tomorrow, with the cold wind blowing.

Hey, it’s what I do; I’m a handyman.

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One Response to Checking In

  1. MBroderick says:

    YO David,

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, I woke up to minus 14 below, with a 40 below wind chill. Tonight its dropping down to minus 20 below zero- actual temp!

    Yeah I’ll be thinking about you ALOT!


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