A Passing Grade!

The City Building Inspector came out to the job site today. We had finished the framing of the two-story monster garage that my partner and I have worked on for a couple of weeks. We had a one week delay due to his throat surgery.

But, today was “test” day for the frame, walls and roof.

I am happy to report we passed and the inspector told us to continue on with the work. Next, we have to shingle the roof, install the doors and windows, do the electrical work and install the siding.

Interestingly enough, the inspector kept asking us, “Is somebody going to live up stairs?” It seems we built this monstrosity “over code”, the upstairs storage area looked like maybe it could be a garage apartment or something. This sucker is solid.

So both my partner and I were extremely happy at the inspector’s comments.

I had some construction experience before I started working with my present company, but it was commercial construction, very specialized in the cold storage industry.

But this “from the ground up” garage has really taught me a lot. I could easily frame a house now. And someday this experience is going to help me with my dream of building a self-sustained photovoltaic(solar) house.

Now, I have two days off, to continue work on my home business. It all works together for me.

No inspector will show up and tell me I did my new direct mail campaign right. But I think I’ll complete it with no problems. Wanna be on my email list? Drop me an email and tell me.

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