“The Straight-Forward Approach”

As a Quixtar-affiliated Independent Business Owner, I encounter many people on the Internet with two main objections to Quixtar or MLM businesses in general.

1. The use of motivational tools as a “second source” of income, that overshadows the actual income from a Quixtar business.

2. The use of the “curiosity approach”.

Today, I want to address the curiosity approach.

For those NOT in the know, this approach is simple and was effective in it’s heyday.

In the history of MLM, some people involved were considered “door-to-door” salesmen, shysters, “down-on-their-luck” type people who got involved in MLM as a last resort.

So naturally, if a legitimate person was involved and successful, he had to overcome the initial objection to MLM.

To do this, the MLMer might ask a potential prospect to view a business presentation to see if the prospect might be interested in an opportunity.

“What opportunity?” the prospect might ask.

The MLMer may have replied, “Well, I have my own business, one of my focuses is to help others set up a similar business, and then we both profit, but it needs a thorough explanation, can we set up an appointment?”

And later, the prospect sees the presentation, sees the potential, and is told that the opportunity is an MLM company…in my case, Quixtar.

If the presentation is/was conducted successfully, the prospect joins, having any misperceptions about MLM satisfied.

That was the IDEAL curiosity approach. But, the IDEAL is at least 24 years old in my experience. I was first prospected with the “curiosity approach’ by an Amway distributor in 1981.

Nowadays, someone in MLM approaching a prospect with a vague question about “starting their own business” is not only cliche’, but annoying to most.

Stories of people being “attacked by MLMers in malls and bookstores, is an everyday occurrence on the Internet. Couple this with an influx of internet ads about “awesome” income, “no money down” and “Internet riches” and anyone can see that suspicions about a person wanting to show you “a business” is going to be met with some opposition.

So, what’s the solution?

If you have a part-time Quixtar business, or Passport, or Shaklee, or Nu-Skin and someone asks you what you do for a living… Tell them!

I’ll use me as an example.

“Dave, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a partner in a home renovation buiness, but I really want to be a comic. I also have a Direct Sales/Multilevel Marketing Business.

Now, if that satisfies them. Cool. They ain’t interested in what you do.

If they say, “oh really? MLM? hmmmmm, what company are you with?”

Now here’s the tricky part. Pay close attention to what I do.


“I operate a Quixtar-affiliated Independent Business. I use virtual commnunities to build an organization of other Quixtar Independent Business Owners and we market products via websites and personal contact.”

If they say, “hmmm, that ain’t for me.” or ” really? that’s interesting…I have a hangnail that’s giving me some problems.”

Then, guess what?


Console with them about hangnails, and don’t try to sell them!

It doesn’t mean they hate you. It doesn’t mean they are a loser. It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in you, personally.

It just means they got the answer. And they aren’t curious anymore.

If they say, “Really? Tell me, does that work for you?” or “I have heard some good things and bad things about that.”

Then, they might want to know more, and they might be willing to hear more.

Now, I’m not saying that a person being curious about your business, ANY business of yours, is not a good thing.

It’s great thing. It’s what you want.

But once they are curious, tell them.

It’s the straight-forward approach.

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3 Responses to “The Straight-Forward Approach”

  1. Eric says:

    Excellent post David. I refer to the “curiosity approach” as the “mysterious meeting.” The MLM person will try to “trick” some ignorant prospect into coming to this “special meeting.” It’s stupid. In the last week I’ve discovered maybe three separate blog posts from people who were so annoyed by the mysterious meeting that they felt compelled to blog about it.

    I like your approach better. Why? Because it’s honest.

  2. Dave,
    The question I havve for you is this. Have you been able to build your business to over a $1000.00 a month, using this approach?

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