How on earth do I justify my actions to the perceptions someone develops of me by what I write?

I understand the “fan mentality” some people develop of certain celebrities. A fan sees a television star each week and assumes the star would be exactly like the character he or she plays in each episode.

There are people who would assume that a comic would be just as funny in “real life” as he is “on stage”. I know when I tell someone I want to perform as a comic on stage, they invariably always say, “really? Say something funny!”

So, when I tell someone I am a Quixtar IBO, they immediately take whatever they may know about the company, or it’s history, and attach those perceptions to me.

On the opposite side of the coin, I know some people that write objectively of Quixtar, and yet their sites attract what is affectionately called “cons” or people with a negative perception of Quixtar, who would insist that the author is “one of them”. Whenever the author of the sites in question, say something remotely positive about Quixtar, it’s looked upon by the “cons” as treasonous to the cause.

In my case, I write positively about Quixtar, and when I say something that might be considered negative, or when I point out things I object to, I’m looked upon as “seeing the light” or “finally coming around”.

Either that, or my positive statements and my insistence on remaining a Quixtar IBO, is seen as “justifying the evil, and perpetuating it”. Any other honest statement I have made is nullified.

If a person has made a “mission” of their writing efforts and has a definite agenda, and then suddenly changes their “mission” or drops the issue entirely, surely questions will arise and that writer may be subjected to questions and speculation. It’s doubtful that anyone could be mistaken if an author wrote consistently with sentences that began “I hate Quixtar because….” what his mission may be.

But such is usually not the case. Most writers discussing Quixtar are able to write objectively on the “pros” and “cons”, and it is up to the reader to make his own decisions and not project their own perceptions on to the writer.

In my case, the “mission” is simple. I’m building a business based on the MLM-concept. Some see this concept as flawed; others question the very legal existence of it. I have deemed it viable.

I have chosen the company I want to work with, within the rules of conduct they set forth, and will conduct my business within those rules. No other speculation is warranted. No other explanation is needed. Any other perceptions by my readers would be just their perceptions.

As a business owner with various interests, my job is to learn each new day, adapt, modify and continue to provide for myself and my family and act responsibly toward those I conduct business with.

My readers here at this blog, and elsewhere that I may write, can color their perceptions in any manner they wish, but my “mission” will not change.

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