Not-So-Jolly Saint Sick

If you can infer from that title, I went Christmas shopping today.

That’s right; I drug(dragged)(whatever) my sick self out of the house and drove into downtown Mobile, with my wife, and for a few hours spent some money on the kids for Christmas.

Now, I’m not saying that was the smartest thing I have ever done, but at least I got some of it done.

It was busy everywhere(DUH!) and the traffic was terrible(Double-Duh!), and now I feel like I’ve been ate by a bear and s**T over a cliff, but you can’t say I ain’t a good dad. Stupid…yeah. Still sick…yeah. But, at least my wife didn’t have to do it all by herself, like last year.

Just for the record, we had a budget for each kid, and they pretty much got what they wanted, and we are still under budget. Granted, I may spend twice that, if and when I call the EMT’s to cart my sorry sick self away; but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. (Geez, whoever came up with THAT line, needs to be shot)

I just hope I’m alive, when they open their presents on Christmas morning. If I die from this “crud”, that would really suck.

The preceding rant was brought to you by a real whiner when he’s not feeling well

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