Like A Dog

Down south, there’s an expresion, “I’m sick like a dog”.

Well, just call me Fido.

I’m not feeling well. It started on Tuesday and I have missed two days worth of work. Which makes me feel worse, cause I know the job I’m working on now has to be completed by year’s end.

So I’m sick and I’m sick about being sick.

Not sure what I got, maybe a cold, maybe something else. I won’t bore you with the symptoms. My wife manages a DME(Durable Medical Goods)company and I suspect she brought home the “crud” that her employees have got right now. Several of those people are also “out sick”, too. As a matter of fact, as of tonight she ain’t feeling too sporty herself.

My partner is pretty cool about me missing work. He understands I can’t work, but I hate leaving him without any help.

So, for the last few days, I have slept, watched a lot of Star Trek on Spike TV, and moaned about being sick. I’m pretty much of a baby when I don’t feel good.

I hope by the weekend, I’ll be feeling better. I was sick last Christmas, and I don’t won’t a repeat of last year.

Okee dokee, gotta go take some more Ibuprofen and drink something.

And if you need a mental image; imagine me in grey sweat pants, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt and a two-day beard. Throw in the sounds of sniffling and a stuffed-head type of voice and you got it.

Pretty damn sexy, huh?

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One Response to Like A Dog

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Get Well Soon Dave. No one should be sick during the Holidays.

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