Elliot Wangley Returns….

in “Blunderball.”

Okay, you are probably asking yourself “What?”

Today I am recommending a link from my past. It takes a little explanation.

It’s 1990 and I’m this old guy(30) going to college at The Mississippi University for Women.
(that’s another story, entirely)

In most of my journalism classes, there are these two guys; Mark and Mark. (Largent and McCrary; respectively) Both are aspiring cartoonists. They self-publish a black and white comic book called Terrans, a sci-fi-through-a secret-portal type comic and a politically charged comic called Mr. America.

They also produce a fan-film parody of James Bond called The Spy Who Bugged Me featuring inept spy, Elliot Wangley as Double-0 Eight. Yep, he’s way down the list on Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Later on, (a few years) I enlist the aid of Largent to help me in the production of an “awards” video for a local chapter of The American Advertising Federation.

“Elliot Wangley”(Largent) appears in the video “For Your Ads Only” trying to thwart the evil “Lardo” and his attempt to stop the awards show featuring celebrity actor Tom Wiggen; then of “As The World Turns”-fame.

Well, fast forward 10 years, and yesterday I hear from Largent via email. The clever guy, now doing artwork for Coca-Cola in Dallas, found my blog via a Google search on yours truly and a few other key words.

So to award his efforts in tracking me down, pay a visit to Endeavor Comics. It’s a cool idea. Comic titles via electronic download.

You can purchase Greyhawk & the Starbucklers of the Caribbean #1 and see some great artwork, and you can view a comic based on Elliot Wangley. Elliot is now Double-Z-9…Damn…what a demotion! Must be because of Double-0s might be copyrighted.

Anyway, cool sight for comic fans. And be sure to read the History of Elliot Wangley while you are there.

Consider this good advice from “The Man with The Golden Blog”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Dave! I should point out that the Endeavor Comics website is not currently an ongoing concern, mainly due to the fact that the outfit that actually handled selling the e-comics went belly up a couple of years ago. I’ve been meaning to get around to setting it up so that you can buy them via another company or possibly PayPal, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

    Oh, and Dave, I noticed you failed to identify yourself as being the actor who played “Lardo.” 🙂


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