2004: A Look Back


It was a great year of changes in my life.

A new job.
A new house.
New friends.
New places I visited.

And a new activity; Blogging.

This activity brought new thoughts, new ideas, and clarification and focus on old ideas unexplored.

I have seen growth in my life this past year. Financially and Personally.

There are still some “regrets”. Not all things were accomplished, but nor were the ideas abandoned; just placed on a “back burner”, until another appropriate time.

I admit there were some times of confusion and chaos, but they were short-lived; because it was easy to get back on track, because there was a plan to follow.

Now, I look ahead to 2005.

I’m not wondering IF I will accomplish my goals in 2005; I know they will happen.

The “wonder” comes in how each activity of the new year will manifest itself. What “roads” it will lead down? But as always, you’ll be along for the ride via this blog.

If you are just joining me “On the Road”; I offer you 5 of 2004’s “On The Road With Dave” entries, in no particular order, as a “Look Back”

On The Road with Dave: Have you received this email?

On The Road with Dave: My Political Affiliations

On The Road with Dave: “Faking It”

On The Road with Dave: Early Morning Packing / Cult Brands

On The Road with Dave: “Survivors”

Feel free to browse the archives for more.

Here’s wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and look for me “On The Road.”

About Dave Robison

Now Appearing in an Extended Engagement! Join Dave Robison as he takes you into his world and his daily life of reviving a stand-up comedy career. Prepare for side trips exploring Public Relations, marketing and business ethics. Enjoy some frequent detours describing his observations on life. Read the exploits of this self-proclaimed Renaissance-man and blooming blogger as you go On The Road With Dave. From Mobile, Alabama comes Dave Robison, a confessed Internet-aholic, middle-aged-married-man, who's generally a nice guy--he just has one or two issues. Stand-Up Comedy by Dave Robison is available for corporate events, college campuses, and nightclubs.
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