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The patient is a 42 year old male Caucasian. He is 5 feet, 9.5 inches tall and weighs 187.5 pounds. He is a heavy smoker, a weekend drinker and although his job requires manual labor; he is otherwise inactive and not involved in any scheduled exercise program.

His diet has consisted of a mainly western diet that involves heavy amounts of red meat, carbohydrates, and regular visits to “fast food” places. Although not severely overweight, lack of abdominal muscles has resulted in a slight paunch.

The patient also complains that although he is told he does not look his age, he is noticing some definite aging in his “looks” and a decline in stamina and energy. A new health regimen is in order.

Today’s In Focus is about health. My health.

A couple of years ago my wife bought a book entitled Shed Ten Years in Ten Weeks by Dr. Julian Whitaker.

Dr Whitaker, a one-time “student” of Dr. Nathan Pritikin, owns the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, California. In the book he provides a 10-week Age Loss Program / regimen to regain ten years of your life back through diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and skin care. He also covers memory and cognitive function as well as sexual vitality, immune response and proper rest and relaxation.

His supplementation program advises Optimal Daily Allowances rather than Recommended Daily Allowances. Higher doses of some vitamins and minerals and other supplements are advised, yet the doses do not seem to be extreme nor without merit.

Since I already take a multivitamin called Double X from Nutrilite sold through Quixtar; I am used to seeing some dosing of more than 100% of the RDA. So I’m not alarmed by this advice.

His diet regimen might be described as a modified Pritikin diet; less red meat, more vegetables, low fat, more complex carbohydrates.

All in all, I see nothing adverse in giving Dr. Whitaker’s program a try. I’ve looked at The Atkins Diet, and it’s not for me. I’ve tried “shake” diets and although they work, I feel like they are more or less temporary diets and not lifetime-style diets.

The only negative I can find with Dr. Whitaker is that he sells his own supplements at his website. BUT, his book came out prior to the site, and gives full listings and buyer’s guides to other readily available sources. I have found some at Wal-Mart as well as Nutrilite.

So tomorrow, I begin a new program. A program that I hope will help the patient described above. Along with Dr. Whitaker’s diet, I may also experiment with other dishes from The Mediterranean Diet and suggestions from the American Heart Association, until I find a comfortable medium. But I plan to implement the supplementation regimen as well as the exercise program and the other “specialty” remedies he advises.

Remember “TIF” is for me. This is what I’m focusing on, but if you feel like cutting out red meat for one day a week, or scheduling a daily walk or weight–lifting regimen, or limiting your alcohol intake for the sake of your health, then by all means do it. Give it a try and focus on it.

As with all TIF entries, I will try to keep you up to date on my progress, and I welcome all comments and email.

Nothing is more important in life than your health. Not money, not business, not MLM. Do some research on what fits your lifestyle, design a goal that you can achieve, and focus on it till the end. Except with good health, hopefully it won’t end for a long time.

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  1. Wolf says:

    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your diet. I use supplements purchased from Quixtar and Wal-mart and have lost about 6 pounds so far. Hopefully changing your eating habits and lifestyle will be a smooth transition. Good luck and God Bless. Wolf

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