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If you have ever read a self-help book in your life, listened to a self-help tape, or watched a financial guru guy on a late night infomercial, then you’ve probably been told about the importance of goals. It seems that everyone always says, “you gotta have a goal or you’ll never be a success.”

The problem is that most people make fanciful and overly ambitious goals, and when they miss the first couple of them; the goals go out the window, and are never heard from again.

I have had a list of goals typed up since I was about 16. True, those first goals were more of the overly ambitious dreams of a teenager, but some of those dreams came true, and inspired me to keep on dreaming about things like performing and writing.

Ok, I know you’re curious. Some of those goals included being Johnny Carson’s replacement and a listing of #1 on The Forbes 400. (and that was when $8 Billion would garner me the position). I even cut out a school picture, and typed up my Forbes biography and pasted it in position in the Forbes 400 issue that I bought. Pretty silly, huh?

But, I still keep a goal list. It has evolved over the years, changed, been improved, but it’s still someplace that I can review it regularly.

And I still check off each item that I achieve.

Of course, it’s no longer silly, because each check by each item means that I am accomplishing my objectives.

This is not an admonition, that YOU should keep a goal list. It’s merely what works for me.

And, what does work for me?

My list is a combination of Goals I Want To Achieve and Things To Do.

It includes Financial Goals, Health Goals, Personal Development Goals, and Career Goals; both long-term

(up to 2013) and short-term(next month).

It is combined with a list of monthly activities that are directly related to the goals.

Each night when I schedule my next day’s activity, the goals are in the back of mind, if not sitting in front of me. This makes my goals a reality, rather than the fanciful dreams of a teenager.

So, I guess you are now curious as to what some of these goals are. Most are private. But, I can tell you a few. Maybe you can remind me later, and ask me how I did, or how I’m doing on these.

NOVEMBER 2004— Write FOCUS Blog Series

Make Supplement schedule

Devote 10 minutes a day to planning and prayer

Practice Ventriloquism Daily

Post in Forums at least 3 Times a Week

Mail Casino Letters

Write daily.


Increase accounts by 12

Voice lessons

Subscribe to Home Power magazine

Cap three teeth

MARCH 2005— American Comedy Institute

APRIL—2005 “get me outta the house”Tour

OCTOBER 2005— Sturgis bike rally

2006—Debt Free

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2 Responses to Tuesday In Focus / GOALS

  1. {{{{{{{{{{MyAdorableDavid!!!!}}}}}}}}}}

    My goals seem so meager by comparrison.

    1. Read a book a month in 2004. (I have to read 2.5 more books in the next month and a few days so my definition of the word “book” has become looser…it now includes reading material previously referred to as pamphlets and menus)

    2. Save 10% of my income. In honor of one of the books I read…The Richest Man in Babylon. “A part of all you make is your’s to keep.” This goal has been made considerably easier considering I have had no income in 2004. 10% of nothing is NOTHING!! And I HAVE made deposits into my savings account of exactly that amount! Wooohoooo!

    3. Gain 10 lbs. DONE!! (Sometimes we need to change the direction of the goals we pursue so that we give ourselves a better chance of achieving them!)

    Two out of three goals already reached!! Not bad at all! And I have all the confidence in the world that I’ll reach the remaining goal as I’ve already picked up pamphlets…ahheeemmm..I mean “BOOKS” about visiting the local zoo and Exploreum AND we’re headed to Shoney’s tonight!!

    God Bless America where everyone has a chance at reaching whatever goals they set for themselves!

    As always, much love to you and the Fam!!


  2. (((((((((((((3N!!!)))))))))))))babe honey sweetie

    Thanks for stopping by. Your goals aren’t meager in any form or fashion, I know of a few that deal with re-naming streets(LOL!)

    I just picked a few of mine to share here. The Comedy Institute is going to be a stretch for me, but I am working on it.

    I’m glad you mentioned Richest Man in Babylon, that means you’ll receive a link to this comment in about two weeks when we do a TIF involving Financial Security.

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