Post Thanksgiving Posting

I hope all had a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.

I had my very first deep-fried turkey for the holiday dinner, courtesy of a dinner invitation to my partner and his wife’s house. Yep, they ignored the warnings and cautions, and hosted the entire Robison clan for Thanksgiving dinner.

I must say it was a wonderful time with great food and good friends.

And I am definitely hooked on “fried turkey” and plan on buying my very own deep-fat turkey fryer.

I wonder if we sell them through Quixtar, I’ll have to check.

And BTW, I’m also interested in experimenting with cooking one of those chickens with a beer can inside. Anybody heard of that?

But now, all the leftovers are pretty much gone, and my thoughts turn to Christmas. How could they not; with all the Christmas movies I have watched this weekend.

It looks like it will be a busy upcoming week for me; and as usual you will have a ringside seat at what’s happenning down here in Alabama. Plans are being made for a couple of “on the road” adventures in December. I’ll let you know as they happen.

I’m working on the next Tuesday In Focus installment, stay tuned for that.

Have a great weekend!


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2 Responses to Post Thanksgiving Posting

  1. MBroderick says:

    YOO David,

    Deep Fried turkey is the best! I grilled my turkey this weekend- thats just as good. Yep Quixtar offers Turkey friers AND beer can inserts. Just go to Bass Pro Shops partner store and click on the patio accesories link- its in the camping section. You’ll looove beer can grilling! Just be careful on checking the tempurature of the bird.
    It sucks being the the king of the internet-

    Your friend-
    Cliffy 🙂

  2. Ty Tribble says:

    Beer can chicken is really good and easy to make. I tried deep frying a turkey a couple of years ago and I think that I overcooked it. I should try again.

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