IBO Training System Announces Change

Over at LiveJournal, There’s a guy named Dwighty. Dwighty blogs there. I read it from time to time, thanks to a link provided at The Quixtar Blog.

But Dwighty has another blog on BlogSpot, called IBlogO, (get it? IBO…IBlogO?)

He posts there, but not as frequently as at Live Journal.

Anyway, he announces a change tonight, concerning his Quixtar business. Dwighty is affiliated with a training system, or motivational organization. Most would refer to these training organizations as “tools systems”.

Anyway, it seems his affiliated group, Alliance Net is trying to make some changes. Looks like a step in the right direction. Read about it here.

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One Response to IBO Training System Announces Change

  1. Ty Tribble says:

    The letter said that they are dropping the price by $30, but also dropping the book and cd’s as well as eliminating the “pay out”. Are we to believe the no one is making money when a person pays $60/month to access MP3’s from a website?

    Before I pass judgement on this, I would like to see more details. If it truly is a step in the right direction, I will applaud them. I guess I don’t see it at this point.

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