I Have Lost $13,000 Dollars

I know that a few that read this blog might have taken notice at that headline; thinking it may have something to do with my involvement with MLM.

But it doesn’t.

It does have something to do with my addiction.

My addiction to Marlboro.

And to make matters worse, I haven’t smoked my entire life. It’s only been six years.

$13,000 is an average of three bucks a pack, two packs a day, every day for 6 years. No, I didn’t start out with two packs a day, and sometimes I have smoked three; and I have spent as much as 5 bucks for a pack, but you get the picture. It’s a lot of money.

But I like smoking. I really enjoy it. I like a cigarette when I wake up, I like one after I eat, I like to smoke when I go out, I like smoking in the car, and I love to chain smoke when I am at the computer.

But, I want to pursue a career as a comic ventriloquist. Ventriloquism is a lot like singing. Ventriloquists rarely interrupt their act with coughing. Ventriloquists are known for vocal effects, those require long sustained breaths.

However smokers cough…a lot. They also have frequent trouble with deep breathing.

Do you see my dilemma?

Also, to be a successful businessperson, it is usually expected that one practice financial fiscal responsibility. Burning up $200 dollars a month in my ashtray is not an example of that, either.

One of my goals is to quit smoking at the first of the year. The upcoming month of December will be my initial “cut-back” period. During that time I plan on keeping a “smoker’s log’. It’s a detailed account as to when, where and why I light up. After that, I will either use Nicorette gum or a nicotine inhaler, I have not decided yet. My ultimate goal will be to wean myself from those aids in a few months.

I can’t and won’t attempt “cold turkey”, but I welcome emails and comments from ex-smokers and smokers on how they quit, or why they still smoke. I’ll consider all advice.

Also, I still plan to “spend” that six bucks a day, at first on the aids, and afterward the money I save from not smoking will be deposited weekly into a savings fund.

There will be follow up entries in the following weeks to keep you apprised of my progress.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    One of the best things you can do while trying to quit is drink LOTS of water – if flushes the nicotine out and keep things handy to nibble on…celery/carrot sticks, maybe some nuts, sugar free hard candies and definitely chewing gum.

    I wish you all the best in trying to quit – I know I have to as well – I’m hoping this New Year is the one in which I can finally be successful at it.

    Your chain-smokin’ internet friend
    Kimmy 🙂

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