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Tomorrow is Election Day. Whether you are a Compassionate Conservative, Moderate, Independent, Libertarian, Green, a Right-Wing Extremist, a member of the Moral Majority, Silent Majority, Democrat, Republican, or Left-Wing Whacko; it is my sincere wish that you will exercise your right and privilege to cast your vote for your favorite candidate tomorrow, not only for President, but that you also cast informed votes that affect you in your local community as well.

With that said, I may be breaking with some “blogging tradition” that says I must remain balanced and fair and neutral and not endorse a candidate, but I shall do it anyway.

I believe blogging is the right of an author to express his opinions on any subject he chooses. The reading audience has the right to respond, agree or disagree. I am not a journalist, although my formal training is in journalism.

I thought about how I might approach this endorsement for the last week. What words would I say and how I would convey my thoughts. After all, this endorsement is simply “one man’s opinion”.

I was sent a copy of another man’s opinion; a journalist himself, and decided that his endorsement rang true for me on many points, plus his opinion was one that might ring true with some of my readers as well. I might add, that he is not a proponent of my political beliefs in most situations, as he is a Republican on most issues.

So, following my official statement, his article will be re-printed in it’s entirety.

“On The Road With Dave” would like to announce that after great thought and deliberation, it is proud to announce that November 2, 2004, I will be casting my vote for the Gentleman from Massachusetts;

Senator John Kerry.


Cleveland Plain Dealer

Dick Feagler

Giving Bush the boot is the only option

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I’ll vote for John Kerry next Tuesday.

My reason is simple: I think we have to fire George W. Bush.

Bush has been a terrible CEO. And when you have a terrible CEO running a company or a country, you get rid of him.

It’s called damage control. First, you stop the damage. Then you figure out a way to repair it.

John Kerry may not be the perfect repairman. Like me, a lot of the people who vote for him will not be casting pro-Kerry votes. They’ll be casting anti-Bush votes.

If Kerry, a largely unknown quantity, fails in his stewardship of the country, he’ll be fired, too. We’ll just keep trying until we put the right man at the helm.

George W. Bush is the wrong man. He not only shouldn’t be at the helm; he shouldn’t even be in the wheelhouse.

In the four years that he has been in office, he has:

~Sent us off on an ill-advised and ill-planned war.

~Used as justification for his adventure the idea that we were somehow under threat from Iraq, which we were not.

~Reduced our credibility around the world by undertaking a pre-emptive strike which, understandably, makes many nations cringe.

~Invented new reasons for his actions when the old ones proved bogus.

~Declared, either from duplicity or stupidity, “Mission Accomplished” at a time when the “mission” had hardly begun.

~Failed to explain what the “mission” is, other than to say it’s a war against terror – a war he has never really defined.

~Allowed his cronies who talked him into this misadventure to remain unscathed while bungling a bad war with their lack of planning.

It’s time to fire him. If he goes, his cronies go with him.

Will Kerry do better? I don’t know.

He will have to take office playing the hand that Bush left him. That’s like starting a drive deep in your own end zone. If he gets us back to midfield, it will be an accomplishment.

On the domestic front, Bush, who talked four years ago about uniting our country, has managed to divide it in ways unprecedented in my lifetime. And my lifetime includes Vietnam.

Preaching the notion that tax cuts will allow us all to grow rich, he has spent our money fraudulently in war and in peace and left generations of our kids with an IOU that they can’t hope to repay.

He has not addressed (nor, in fairness, has his opponent) the major domestic issues of health care or Social Security in any meaningful way. And these are issues that must be addressed – eventually – by somebody. Maybe Kerry won’t tackle them, either. If he doesn’t, he ought to be fired, too. The way I’m hoping George W. Bush is fired next Tuesday.

When I began writing columns harshly critical of Bush, a lot of you were astonished, then dismayed, then angered. The rap on me was that I had suddenly gone soft in the head. What had changed me, many wanted to know. And my answer was always the same: One man turned me against George W. Bush. And that was George W. Bush.

When somebody says that, he’s called a “Bush-hater.” I don’t hate Bush. I’m 66 years old, and what happens over a lifespan is the hatred hormone dries up.

I’ve got enough left to hate the people who brought down the towers. Or to hate the scum who saw the heads off the innocent and then sell their videos to TV. Those are the guys I hate, not Bush.

I’m not a pacifist, I’m not a commie, I’m not a tree-hugger – hell, I’m not even a Democrat. I’m just an American.

I remember, when I was about 6 years old, wondering how it happened that I was an American kid. As opposed to, say, a French kid or an Italian kid. We’re all accidents of birth. Rich or poor, gay or straight, black, white or brown. A roll of the dice and you could be a different person in a different place.

America, though, is really only a concept. When you hear them talk about the American Dream, they’re right. We’ve been lucky. We’ve had great dreamers to lead us, and some of their dreams have actually come true.

George W. Bush has dreams, too. But they seem to be fantasy and illusion. He took one of our greatest tragedies, when everybody was united behind him, and turned it into a situation of bitter division.

The only reason this election is going to be so painfully close in the middle of a war is testimony to the failure of George W. Bush’s leadership.

I’m voting for Kerry next Tuesday. It just ain’t possible he can do worse.

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The margin is narrow, but the responsibility is clear.

–John F. Kennedy

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  1. Ty Tribble says:

    I believe that the reason that John Kerry lost is because so many people were simply voting against George Bush. This election was the first one in 16 years that the Democrats had a prayer in getting my vote and the best they could do is: John Kerry is not George Bush.

    John Kerry never engaged and he never inspired. He simply got up in the morning, scoured the newspaper to look for what he could attack George Bush on that day and went to work. Liberals loved it, but liberals are not in the majority.

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