Cutting My Own Throat?

I would love for everyone that knows me to register with me as a Quixtar Independent Business Owner, but I know that’s not going to happen.

During my time on the Internet in the last 3 years, I have talked to hundreds maybe even thousands of people; and some are involved in other MLM companies. Over the years I have found MLM companies that I like and those that I would never be affiliated with. And even though, I chose Quixtar for various reasons, I know good honest, reputable people involved in many other companies.

A few of those people, I would consider being involved with despite their company affiliation.

My philosophy has always been that it’s the individual that builds the “brand” of his company, and despite any company affiliation, one can achieve success based on their own brand.

Although I have met some other individuals that I truly like and admire, these are the “brands” that I would feel comfortable recommending to someone if they wanted to be involved in Multi-Level Marketing, but did not want to choose me, or Quixtar.

Reaf Thompson is an actor in California. I met Reaf in an AOL chatroom two years ago. Reaf is all about the retailing of his service. He wants nothing more than to give you better service. Recruiting is second priority for Reaf. Reaf is a Cognigen Agent.

Jani Martin is an avid Sponge-Bob fan, and is an accomplished Blue-Ribbon winner in the Miniature Show Horse arena. She originally targeted the equine industry in her Nikken Wellness Consultant business.

Linda Sikut is a Watkins Dealer. Her personal site offers newsletters and recipes using Watkins products. She offers a community of sorts, that targets anyone that wants to cook better, as well as make some money.

Thomas Taite lives abroad in the UK. I consider Tom my continuing education professor, I “tap” into his Oxford education quite often. A person is attracted to Thomas by his knowledge of the industry, and his low key manner.

Thomas is a Pharmanex (Now affiliated with Nu Skin) representative. His link, however, is to an initiative site by Pharmanex, rather than a regular rep site. Even classier.

I would also recommend the company Shaklee, strictly for it’s longstanding position in the industry and its products. But I can’t recommend a current distributor, as I do not know any. Do your due diligence in picking a rep for that company.

As an aside, I also purchase one particular product from Royal Body Care, for my own use. But it’s not a company I promote in any real fashion.

There are other good MLMers out there, these are just a few. Don’t feel offended if I know you and left you out.

As the title of this entry says, I may already be cutting my throat as it is.


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3 Responses to Cutting My Own Throat?

  1. Joe says:

    Hey Dave,

    Instead of just recommending Shaklee to your thousands of blog visitors, you should start selling Shaklee to them. Take advantage of your existing internet presence! I’d love to sign you up and provide all the support I can.

    If you’re interested, check out the opportunity at LOOK into the $100,000 bonus to new distributors!

    My blogger address is

    I hope to hear from you, soon.

    Best Regards,
    Joe & Laura Lowery

  2. Howdy Joe,

    Thanks for stopping by, I’m gonna stick with Quixtar. It has the diverse product line and infrastructure that I like.

    But, it’s nice to see a Shaklee rep checking in.


  3. Joe says:


    Good Luck with Quixtar.

    I’ll be back occasionally to enjoy your blog. I haven’t blogged as much and as well as you but I do enjoy blogging when I have the time. Mostly I read others’ blogs and comment when I am qualified.

    Good luck,

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