“Break a Toe” does not mean “Good Luck”

Friday morning I broke my foot. Well, not exactly my foot; two toes, and I bruised my instep pretty bad.

OK, not exactly did “I” break it.

My partner broke it for me.

It was an accident, but he feels really bad about it.

We were working on a porch. We were replacing the wooden railings and handrails on the porch by encasing them in vinyl. Kinda like vinyl siding for fencing, really.

Anyway, we removed the support posts on each corner of the roof of the porch; and replaced them with a temporary support. The posts are 6″X6″ wooden posts about 8 feet long. They are pretty heavy. While we were attempting to add some wooden strips to the post, so that a vinyl sleeve would fit around one of them, frustration got the best of my partner and he sort of just dropped the post in disgust.

Did I mention my feet were conveniently underneath the post at the time?

I shook it off for a while, but half way through the day, I took of my shoe, to reveal some pretty purple toes and a swelled foot.

By that time, my partner is trying to get me to go to a hospital, he feels bad that it happened, I feel bad that I have to leave the job site.

But, all is well now. I did not go to the hospital. Broke toes are taped to the unbroken ones, and I’m not paying $300 bucks for an ER visit, so they can do what I have already done.

I have a slight limp, but all in all, the foot feels fine today, and I was back at work.

In show business, they always say “Break a leg” before you go on stage, it’s supposed to mean good luck. But I can safely say, that if you just “break a toe”(or two); it’s far from good luck. I don’t recommend it as a new expression.

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  1. MBroderick says:


    In Quixtar, breaking a few legs is a good thing too- If ya know what I mean. Go CAM buddy!


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