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This entry could be described as a rant. Not very well thought out.

The problem is one of ego.

Every since I added a Sitemeter to my blog, I have watched with glee the number of visits to my blog rise. I figure I must be doing something right, because I get regular visitors. So, somebody must be enjoying what I write, or are at least occasionally curious about what I write.

But then I see some other blog’s site counters and I notice they have WAY more visitors than I have in the same amount of time. This was at first disturbing to me, because being so egotistical, I naturally defended myself to myself, by saying “this is crazy, I’m a much better writer! How can people not see that?!”

But, I’m calm now. The blogs I normally track; almost all, deal with Multi-Level Marketing, and most, specifically, deal with Quixtar.

Now, I’m no Internet search engine expert, but it seems to me, that if “Quixtar” is one of those words that get searched a lot via Google, etc, then naturally every blog that has an entry about Quixtar, either “for” or “against”, in almost every entry they make, then naturally they will appear more frequently in search engine results and they will receive more visits.

I just can’t write about that subject that much. I know that Quixtar reps are supposed to be passionate about the business, and they are often accused of being able to talk about little else, but as I like to tell people, I just can not be a typical Quixtar Independent Business Owner. I guess, I take the word “independent” too literal. I like to talk about other stuff as well.

But I do like to read the blogs of people talking about Quixtar. Even the blogs that speak unfavorable of the company. The funny thing is they talk about Quixtar in every entry, with just as much passion and obsession as a Quixtar IBO, except their opinions are reversed. And I still, don’t see how they do it.

I just am unable to think about the company everyday, every hour.

Maybe, that will lead to my failure in this business. Or, maybe that will lead people to my business. One of the chief complaints of anti-Quixtar sites is that Quixtar IBOs become consumed by their business to the point they do not see the faults. Maybe, I see both sides and people will recognize that.

But, my blog is my blog, and it will never be 100% about Quixtar. If that cuts down on visits to my site. I can live with that.

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3 Responses to Blog Visits

  1. MBroderick says:

    YO dave- just do what I do- blame it on the counter. The counter certainly must be overloaded with too many peeps trying to access the site and it just can’t keep up with the volume- yeah! Thats it- thats the ticket…

    “cliffy” 😉

  2. Eric says:


    Site visitors really don’t mean much to me and it’s the same way to most bloggers. I’ve had my blogs featured on various high-traffic sites and saw a HUGE spike in traffic but that spike died soon afterwards (which is why it’s called a spike) because those folks didn’t hang around. Same’s true of search engine traffic.

    No, what real bloggers want is a real audience, people who come back day after day to see what you have to say. Let me ask this, would you feel better if you had 1000 search engine visitors a day but knew that none of them ever came back or read much past your latest blog headline or if you knew that there were 20 people who read your blog every day because they thought it was cool? I’ll take the 20 any time.

    Anyway, I’ve always maintained that I just want to please my regulars and the folks who wander in and out are just not important.

  3. Thanks Eric,

    That was my basic conclusion, too. I like writing the blog for myself and those regular readers that keep coming back, regardless of what I write about.

    Maybe my next post will be about porn. ;D

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