Sometimes Not Getting Paid Is A Good Thing

I have to admit, I hate work and I love money. But you normally have to do one to get the other.

And occasionally something comes along, that changes that.

The Gulf Coast is still reeling from Hurricane Ivan; clean up and restoring the infrastructure is still ongoing in some areas hardest hit.

Two weeks ago I learned via a local news station that there were people due to no fault of their own, still trying to get food following the storm.

A man, wheelchair bound, and his wife failed to meet requirements that would have allowed them food subsidies, and yet could not garner any food following the storm. To make matters worse, the man was totally housebound, in case of fire or sickness, he would have to depend on neighbors to carry him off the deck of his mobile home.

And for those who have cared for the disabled, you already know that lifting “dead weight” and carrying someone down stairs three feet off the ground can be a chore.

Well, my partner and I saw the story on the local news and decided to do something about it.

Last Wednesday we constructed a wheelchair ramp for this gentleman.

My partner donated half the materials, my wife’s boss donated the other half of the materials and my partner and I donated all our time, to construct the ramp.

In the private sector, a ramp such as this would have billed in the neighborhood of $2500.

Like I said, (and my partner will back me up on this) I hate working. If I can find something else to do, I’ll gladly do it.

But on Wednesday, I worked about 10 hours in a hot, Alabama sun, digging holes, sawing lumber, nailing, carrying, and constructing.

I loved every minute of it! I returned home; hot, sweaty and sore and smiling ear to ear. The looks on the face of the recipient, and the well-wishers who drove by shouting “Good Job!” was worth; (WELL WORTH) a day without pay.

The local news station that aired the original story, even came out and did a “follow-up” based on our efforts.

As a MLM representative, I hear a lot about MLMs providing “financial Independence” to the average guy. And that’s good in the grand scheme of things. But to know that I had a hand in directly providing someone with a degree of physical independence that did not exist for him before, kinda puts “financial independence” into perspective. Sometimes, it just can’t be about the money, or easy work.

UPDATE: Links to the News Story have been disabled due to content no longer available.

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  1. me says:

    Great story Dave. You guys are a blessing.

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